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Discuss Some Of The Ways In Which One European Cinema Has Sought To Deal With The Themes Of Nationality And National History.

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Spanish cinema has gained much recognition since the end of the countries dictatorship
in 1975. One of the main reasons behind this recognition is due to creative control now
being in the hands of film makers, such as Pedro Almodóvar, Fernando Trueba and
Guillermo Del Toro in the late 20th century and early 21st century. These directors have
created films which dealt with themes of nationality and national history, such as Todo
sobre mi madre (Pedro Almodóvar, 1999) and Pan’s Labyrinth (Guillermo Del Toro, 2006).
Although Spanish cinema only started to develop into a distinctive style later in the 20th
century due to the end of censorship and propaganda regimes, some film makers such as
Luis Brunel gained international acknowledgement during the dictatorship. During the
Franco regime it could be argued that political censorship was one of the main reasons why
Spain’s national cinema had not yet formed to its full potential. In contemporary Spanish
cinema especially in Almodóvar’s work, melodrama is used as a means to develop on
ideologies such as feminism, sexism and nationalism while also being reflective of the
country’s history. In this essay I will out outline the themes of nationality within Spanish
cinema and how contemporary ideas have flourished thanks to the end of the fascist
regime. I too will include an analysis of scenes from Todo sobre mi madre and Pan’s
Labyrinth and how both films use themes such as Transgenderism, Sexuality and Religion to
develop Spanish nationality.
When discussing Spanish cinema, the country’s history is important because different
political parties that have been in power, have shown to believe in different laws and
alternate ways of life. This conflict of ideologies has had a profound effect on the ways film
are made within Spain. After the Second World War Spain entered a period where their
politics and culture became isolated within the country. During this era the films being
released were politically controlled, censored and are strong examples of propaganda. In
the early 1940’s General Franco wrote a script for the film Raza (J.L. Sáenz de Heredia, 1942)
under a pseudonym. Raza is a key example of government’s involvement within the film
industry, with many films of the time being censored under the Franco regime meant the
film makers within Spain didn’t have full creative control. Although the cinema of Spain was
dictated by the government, audiences within Spain distanced themselves from the early
Spanish films in the 1940’s due to the historical significance of the films and that they did
not include modern traits such a fashion and setting. This has a lot of significance when
discussing contemporary Spanish cinema. After political censorship was lifted, many films,
for instance, Todo Sobre Mi Madre are set in modern Spain. Costume and set are hugely
significant within the film. The contrast of old against new again holds significance within
the picture because it...

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