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Discuss The Aspects Of Homosexuality, Using Proper References.

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Homosexuality Today: Where To?It is not simple living in the twenty-first century. Today, one can easily note how things have changed. Our world is slowly being dominated by a state of open-mindedness that is setting the right atmosphere for new trends and lifestyles to emerge. Perhaps one of the most striking cultures that materializeddue to "the transformation of silence into language and action" is the homosexual lifestyle. Homosexuals today feel more at ease with who they are because they have refused to stay put and silent, and have chosen to speak up and be heard.Audre Lorde is one of the very prominent authors who have ventured into this territory. She even names herself a "Black feminist lesbian mother poet". In one of her articles titled "The Transformation of Silence", she discusses how she came to believe that speaking her mind is the only way to live, because she was going to die, sooner or later whether or not she had spoken herself. "We all hurt in so many different ways, all the time, and pain will either change or end" (Audre Lorde, 1982).Therefore, one of the major reasons for the widespread appearance of the homosexual culture is communication; language. People today have more opportunities than ever before to express themselves freely, be it through books, television, radio, or most importantly, the internet. The World Wide Web revolution has kept us on our toes for the past few decades, just wondering what's next. It has allowed minority groups to find each other all over the world, relate to one another, share ideas, beliefs, and advice, give support, etc… and therefore become stronger altogether, with more courage to face the world and come out okay.This is where the magnificent power of language can be seen. Billions and billions of words intricate, dedicated to expressing one's doubts, fears, visions, hopes, and dreams. The revolution of communication has facilitated this transfer of ideas and ideologies, and therefore helped create a more open-minded society capable of welcoming and understanding minority groups that were otherwise rejected or neglected. A 15 year old girl in her room in Canada can share her uncertainty and confusion with a 16-year old in Lebanon for example.However, this is not saying that homosexuality today is just another culture, or just another lifestyle…It's still a gray area. Some dismiss it as just another weird phenomenon that will pass, and others are fighting to make it recognizable as a normal lifestyle. In some countries or states of countries, homosexual marriages are allowed, while in other places, homosexuals are being imprisoned and fined simply for being who they are. So, 'coming out of the closet' might actually be an excruciating experience, and this step is avoided and prolonged as much as possible by many.Homosexuality in Lebanon is still extremely controversial. Even though Lebanon is considered one of the most open-minded societies in the Middle East, this issue is...

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