Discuss The Benefits Of Different Energy Sources Usc Geology Energy Systems Essay

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Mark de la Cruz
Energy Systems
Professor Joshua West
6th October 2017
Will We Run Out of Fossil Fuels?
For the past century-and-a-half, fossil fuels have maintained their importance as the lifeblood of the world, with the combustion engine running at its core. Truthfully speaking, the reality is that the world will never truly run out of fossil fuels. It would be more of a matter of finding and reaching the last reserves on the planet and properly extracting the materials, assuming the planet is still dependent on fossil fuels and hasn’t adopted another primary source of energy to replace them, such as the renewable alternatives we see today. Understandably, it’s difficult to predict the true peak productions of fossil fuels since we are constantly developing new methods of obtaining and producing them, especially when considering the existence of alternative unconventional fossil fuels.
Many believe that the world will reach peak oil by 2020 [1], and without accounting for the rapid energy use that comes with an increasing population, the world’s oil reserves are expected to “run out” by 2052 [2]. In the absence of oil, natural gas would become used more widely, and is consequently expected to run out by 2060, only eight years after the depletion of oil....

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