Discuss The Changes Nisa Has Witnessed Over The Course Of Her Life Paying Special Attention To The Political And Formalized Leadership Aspects Of

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The theme in Nisa based on “changes” is in Nisa opens with an introduction by Shostak which describes the transformation of Nisa’s people. The place, Dobe, takes in the region of Africa, in northwest Botswana and at the edge of the Kalahari Desert. The definition of change is “to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone”, and political organization is the definition of “… comprises those portions of social origination that specifically relate to the individual or groups that manage the affairs of public policy or seek to control the appointment or activities of those individuals or groups.” The ...view middle of the document...

Second, many of the !Kung people started to expanded more and more, and the more people of !kung have, then the more difficulties will increase. Shostak mentioned, “As Tswana and Herero village sites expanded to encompass more of the traditional !Kung waterholes, maintaining the !Kung way of life became increasingly difficult. Asking the handouts from their richer neighbors became not only acceptable but necessary.” Those people would not have enough money to support the family, and those people would end up becoming beggars. They had hard times getting food and drinks, so they had to work to order to get some food and drinks. “Many others, however, were able to adapt and even to benefit from the Tswana and Herero settlements. When standing water was scarce, they would exchange their labor for milk. But when the rains came, they would leave the villages, following the lure of plentiful bush foods in distant areas, or of abundant meant from large animals kills.” A lot of people can be Normans, but they look for better places for them to grow food and have better food-productions. Some places have a lot of rains to have good soil, better place to kill animals, and better place to live.
Third, the tribal politics started to establish in 1948 because before the establishment, there were so many problems in among !Kung. Shostak stated, “Tribal politics in the Dobe area became official in 1948, where Tswana tribal administration appointed its first legal representative… Before that, conflicts within or among !Kung, Tswana and Herero groups had gone unregulated… Isak mediated conflicts of all kinds: accusations of cattle theft,...

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