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Discuss The Concept Of Digital Activism And The Socio Political Role Of The Individual In Today’s Postmodern Global Village

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The idea behind Digital activism is to bring about social and political change to the global village through social media (MacManus, R., 8 March 2010, Digital Activism: An Interview with Mary Joyce, viewed 14 April 2014, from digital_activism_an_interview_with_mary_joyce#awesm=~oEJRkhyhp0fxQ9). The digital activism equation consists of the following: Goal of Political and Social change + Digital Technology (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc.) = Digital Activism (Joyce, M., 15 October 2011, Working at, What is Digital Activism?, viewed 14 April 2014, from ...view middle of the document...

Email Groups - Brands such as Google and Yahoo are used to compile and access email groups designed to establish campaign direction and define the internal coordination of a specific cause.
SMS - All Mobile Phones are capable of compiling and accessing event invitations for private meetings, speeches and public protests.
Video - Brands such as YouTube and Vimeo are used to gain public attention through emotional connection to concerned individuals. These videos are short (3 minutes maximum) but powerful and explain the cause as briefly as possible in order to establish a call to action.
(Joyce, M., 15 October 2011, Working at, What is Digital Activism?, viewed 15 April 2014, from


The Relationship between Digital Activism and Non-Violent Conflict

The world is currently in tan age of transparency, information is literally at the tips of our fingers. The internet is the most important tool for the masses to acquire information about the world we are living in providing an opportunity for individuals to attain a more in-depth idea about the news provided by digital devices such as television, newspapers and radio (New York, 17 June 2009, Internet most popular information source: poll, viewed 17 April 2014, from Although social networks can be used for both peaceful and violent purposes, only 3.5% of past campaign initiators have caused physical injury to others (Howard, P., 25 November 2013, Digital Activism + Civic Engagement, A Funky Visualization, viewed 17 April 2014, from Digital activism is civil and non-violent, and despite the world renowned negative coverage of hackers and cyber criminals being involved in these digital movements, physical and technical violence are extremely rare in Digital activism (Howard, P., 20 November 2013, Report on digital activism and non-violent conflict, viewed 18 April 2014, from The success of a Digital activism campaign depends on whether the target demographic is properly researched and the tools used to reach out are diverse enough to reach the largest audience possible. Digital activism has proven to have a positive impact on society, encouraging people to engage as a unit in street protests solidifying the goal of changing government policy through the use of digital tools. The number of protestors and the variety of multimedia platforms in irrelevant, how the protest is carried out is a crucial factor when developing a recipe for a success (Howard, P., 20 November 2013, Report on...

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