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Discuss The Damaged Childhoods Portrayed In My Left Foot By Christy Brown And Blue Remembered Hills By Dennis Potter.

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The childhoods portrayed in My Left Foot and Blue Remembered Hills are different in terms of the experiences and the dilemmas that they encounter in their early life. However each child, Christy Brown and the children of the play by Dennis Potter, each have their own obstacles and issues that are affecting them. My Left Foot is a book written by Christy Brown and his childhood growing up with cerebral palsy in a large, poor family in Dublin during the 1930’s. Christy discusses and shares his difficult childhood trying to come to terms with an illness that at the time no one could fully understand and the difficulties he faced trying to express himself in a body that would not work. Blue Remembered Hills is a play written during the second World War about seven seven year olds in the West Country. The children are playing in the woods on a summers day and are enjoying playing together, however the war is constantly overshadowing their innocent play. The play has a darker side to the story as one of the children Donald is suffering from bullying and abuse at home that Potter uses to expose the darker side of childhood. This essay will discuss the damaged childhoods displayed in Christy Browns and Dennis Potter's works and how that the struggles and pain that these children experience becomes a crucial part to their work by showing that childhood is not without it’s problems.
Christy Brown was born in Dublin, in 1932, to a large poor family of fifteen. He was born with cerebral palsy a disability that at the time had not been much studied and the doctors were unable to offer any help or support to him or his family at the time of his birth in terms of understanding and coping with his condition. His mother plays a crucial role in his upbringing through her determination to prove to the world that he was a very intelligent and gifted child despite his disability. “ She could not and would not believe that I was an imbecile,as the doctors told her.” Christy was incredibly blessed to have such a caring family “ No matter how dull and incapable I might grow up to be, she was determined to treat me on the same plane as the others.” Brown is very precise in his book that his family not once made him feel different to the other children and that they did their utmost to make him part of the family “ But mother wasn’t content just to say that I was not an idiot, she set out to prove it, not because of any rigid sense of duty, but out of love.” His mother shows ferocious initiative to prove to the world that Christy was more than just a strange broken child to be ignored and pitied but an intelligent soul that was trapped in a broken body.
Despite his disabilities Christy Brown recalls happy childhood memories playing with his brothers and other children from his neighbourhood, he describes how an old go cart was his saviour that allowed him to leave the seclusion of his home and out in the open with the other children “ Old Henry...

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