Discuss The Development In The Conflict As Represented In Lord Of The Flies 10b Essay

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Lord of the Flies
Essay Question: Discuss the development in the conflict as represented in Lord Of The Flies.
Lord of the Flies the movie was originally a book written by William Golding that was first made into a movie in 1963 by the British directed by Peter Brook and then remade by the Americans in 1990 and was directed by Harry Hook. Lord of the Flies is set in WW1 and depicts children who got marooned on an island after their plane crashed and their pilot dies. This movie focuses on the transformation of civilised to savagery of humans and the true nature of humans when civilisation is taken away.
At the start we see Piggy and Ralph wading through the jungle, piggy then starts complaining about his asthma straight away we can tell Piggy is the smart nerd kind of person but is really annoying and talks about boring unnecessary things. They get to the beach and then Piggy and Ralph meet the choir group, Jack stands out as he leads the choir. We then see Jack's personality to be evil and dominant as he tells piggy to shut up and that he talks too much but he is also good at being a leader with his confidence and power. As the movie goes on Jack hatred and despise of Ralph and Piggy builds, for example Jack forcibly takes Piggy's specs without his permission to start the fire and then when he catches the pig he doesn't give any meat to Piggy.
We then see Jack encounter a pig and he considers killing the pig but his civilisation and religious...

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