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Discuss The Different Approaches To Using Film By Forced Entertainment And Frantic Assembly

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This essay will investigate a variety of different approaches to using film by both Forced Entertainment and Frantic Assembly. Both companies claim to produce energetic, memorable and contemporary theatre and have both incorporated the use of film in their works. Although Frantic Assembly and Forced Entertainment both produce work that is placed under the umbrella of physical theatre, their ways of working and the work they produce differs from other theatre companies which also adopt this title. The two companies I will discuss have differences and similarities in their approaches to using film and have both incorporated it into their practices in groundbreaking ways. From the use of actual moving film in their stage performance, to exploring the different elements of film and exploring ways in which those same principles can be adapted unto the stage. Frantic Assembly and Forced Entertainment make claims of creating innovative theatre that offers to lure and shock spectators. Their works demonstrate that they are both in constant exploration to push and break the boundaries of how theatre is viewed today. Both Frantic Assembly and Forced Entertainment have always created theatre that is influential and relevant with the times, so it comes as no surprise that the use of film has been a big influence on the their works.
I think the work has political and social concerns that emerge from the process and from the way that we work rather than political and social concerns that are bolted on. (McGuire, 2008)
Like Frantic Assembly Forced entertainment devise work that is relevant with the times and everyday life. As technology plays a big part in modern society the use of film is often demonstrated in their work. As well as using film on stage, Forced Entertainment extends the use of film during their rehearsals process.
Tsrying to register exact combinations, coincidences, structure, so that the spur – of – the – moment games and accidents could later be transcribed and re – presented. (Etchells, 1999, p. 68)
Forced Entertainment as a group watch back videos of their rehearsals in order to develop their work further and create structure to it. In a routine Forced Entrainment call ‘nice cop/ nasty cop they would play back the video tapes of their improvisation and interrogate their work in rehearsals, in order to piece it together and establish a structure and a theme to it. As a lot of Forced Entertainments works stem from developed improvisation it was very important for them to capture fragments of their rehearsals on camera and remake them, working with the idea of not letting bits of rehearsal go to waste, sometimes even refining the accidents of their process until it is something that can go in their shows. Tim Etchells says that;
In watching these back can be an act of faith — a staring at blobs in near desperation — but certain tapes are strangely charged, baring traces beyond ones expectations. (Etchells, 1999, p. 110)
Which I can...

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