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Discuss The Evolving Role Of The Cio

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As times have changed so has the role of CIO. The term Chief Information Officer was first used in the 1970’s. Their role was mainly looking after the introduction of new financial systems. These systems were used for invoicing and control of debit and creditors and controlling how the supply chain worked and others areas such as payroll. These systems were complex and the CIO’s spent most of their day getting the systems to work, keeping them working and reducing the costs of the organisation
In the 1980’s the CIO’s job involved overseeing the incorporation and upkeep of somewhat simple but difficult and expensive hardware, software and telecommunications equipment. As organisation started to invest in IT as a strategic option the CIO became a manager instead of just a member of staff. Also toward the end of the 1980’s the personal PC was replacing older forms of technology in the office. As IT grew so did the department and the employing of people who were technologically switched on in a business which generally wasn’t. It was now the CIO’s job to overview IT instead of doing everything.
In the 1990’s saw the introduction of more complexes and cross functional systems such as ERP CRM, SCM and BI. These systems started to become a major part of every organisation. As the amount of capital been invested increased so did the risks involved. ROI was required for all investment and pressure started to mount on the CIO to provide this to being a driver of competitive advantage and strategic change towards innovation. Along with pressure for ROI, CIO’s had one major problem towards the end of the 90’s? This was the Y2K theory. This resulted in large investments of IT in all areas such as government agencies to the small business trader using the internet for simple eCommerce transactions.
In the 2000’s the CIO overseen the development of major changes in the technology world within their organisations. The introduction...

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