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Discuss The Importance And Dramatic Impact Of The Inspector's Final Speech In "An Inspector Calls" By J.B.Priestley (Continued).

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Inspector Goole's entrance is very important as it affects the whole mood and atmosphere. It says in the stage directions that the lighting should be pink and intimate, as it is a joyful occasion for the Birling family, until the Inspector arrives and then it should change to be brighter and harder. I think this is because Priestly wants to create a noticeably colder atmosphere upon the Inspectors presence.In the Royal National Theatre production of "An Inspector Calls", when the Inspector emerged onto the stage, the Birlings' house split into two allowing him in. Metaphorically, this represents how the Inspector, later on in the play divides, morally, the older and younger generations of the Birling family. The family is also exposed by the use of light, "Give us more light." This is symbolic because not only does it let you enter the Birlings' world but it also reveals to the audience their true inner characters.The Inspector's entrance clearly affects the mood of the play. In the initial scene directions Priestley instructed that the lighting should become "brighter and harder" when the Inspector arrives, which gives him an advantage, for the family can no longer hide behind the rosy glow.The Inspector makes it clear that his purpose is to establish exactly whom it is that made "a nasty mess" of Eva Smith's life. I noticed that he does not spare the Birlings any of the harsh images of the suicide victim, and the audience realise that he is very single-minded in pursuing his chosen line of investigation. He is not like a normal Police Officer in the way that they show respect for people they encounter, whereas, he is sometimes quite rude and ill mannered to the Birlings which shocks Mrs.Birling - "I beg your pardon!" Priestley uses Goole to make judgements about characters, which they feel are unusual and inappropriate in a Police Inspector. He undermines their complacent assumption that they are respectable citizens. Those characters that resist telling the Inspector the truth suffer more than those who are more open. On the other hand, you could say that he also plays the traditional role of a Policeman in a "whodunit" story, slowly uncovering the truth through careful questioning, piecing together evidence with shrewd insight. Although in this case, not one character has done anything to Eva Smith, which a Court of Law would describe as a crime. I think that Goole almost considers the Birling family as a single body encouraging them to acknowledge their guilt for Eva's suicide. The Inspector persuades characters to reveal things that they would rather were not known. Sheila points our that there is something about the Inspector which makes them tell him things, "we hardly ever told him anything he didn't know. Did you notice that?" because they felt that he already knows.At the end of the play, during the Inspector's final speech, he begins his summing-up as a judge would. In the "trial" of the various characters, he has acted sometimes as...

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3612 words - 14 pages slowed down his speech for maximum impact by using "and" 10 times, using dash, commas, and lots of sentences. He spoke in an instructive and political tone of voice, for full purpose. All in all these tactics made this final speech far more effective, dramatic and empathetic.The Inspector tried to revolutionize and better the self-esteemed and arrogant thoughts of the Birlings and Gerald; consequently he behaved like a catalyst in the family

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