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Discuss The Importance Of Good Communication For Effective Public Relations

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Communication has existed since the beginning of human kind itself and is present everywhere. According to W.H.Newman, communication can be defined as “an exchange of fact, ideas, opinions, or emotions by two or more persons”.
The communication process involves exchanging verbal and non-verbal messages in which participants not only exchange information, ideas, news and feelings but also create and share meaning. It is a continuous process where the message is conveyed to the recipient through different mediums. For communication to be effective, it must be a two way process. The sender encodes the message, the receiver decodes it and understands the message as the sender intended. The ...view middle of the document...

Public relations experts must raise awareness in peoples’ mind by creating a positive image of a company which means that the message must reach the intended audience in its desired form. Then the receiver must understand what the sender is trying to convey and agree with it. The message must have a strong impact on the receiver’s mind and they should also understand and interpret the message correctly. Finally as mentioned before, communication is a two way process which means that the audience must give feedback and reviews to the company.
The importance of good communication in public relations is obvious. Without communication, there is no mutual understanding which is fundamental in public relations. Good communication includes various factors; the type of communication and its importance, the skills of PR experts and the public relations tools used.
Communication can be internal (within the organisation) and external (with people outside the organisation) and there are different ways to communicate which ranges from verbal and non-verbal communication to face to face communication. All these forms of communication have its importance in reaching the intended audience which can be in the form of an interview on television, a news release in the newspaper or the body language.
Public relations experts need good communication skills and principles to convey a message to the public. They should base themselves on truth and honesty which is the foundation on which effective public relations operates. It is important in public relations to build trust and create loyalty with the audience in order to maintain a successful relationship. In communicating to the audience, they should also be clear and precise, avoid any industry jargon, inform and educate the target audience and remain positive.
Good communication also involves using appropriate PR tools and techniques suiting the right audience. It can be in the form of press kits, audio/Matte releases, newsletters, media tour and many more. All these tools allows for effective communication with customers, suppliers, employees, investors and the community.
Companies which have good public relations are those which have applied the two-way symmetrical public relations model. It is free flow information between the organisation and its audience unlike other models of public relations. It is considered to be the best way of enhancing an organisation’s reputation since both parties communicate and feedback is taken into consideration by the company. This same methodology is applicable when doing public relations campaign. In an effective public relations campaign, the company communicate with the audience to increase and maintain its visibility. It brings public focus on the organisation’s image by various activities like fundraising, participating in social events and creating occasions to put forward the firm’s products and services.
A great example of effective public relations campaign is the...

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