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Discuss The Importance Of Three Main Problems Facing The Weimar Republic.

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The Weimar Republic was the first attempt to create a liberal democratic government in Germany. Looking at other democratic governments' success, the Germans thought that this action would help them get up on their feet again. However, the Weimar Republic was produced in a time of severe conflict between political and civil groups, and eventually gave in to the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany. It was very weakly structured, which was where most of it's problems came from. The unlimited situational power of the president, the never-ending conflicts between left- and right-wing parties and Germany's weak economy were several severe problems Germany faced at the time.Under the new Weimar constitution, the people voted for their president and government (Reichstag), which would in turn choose the country's ministers. The president had the power to control the army, which can't be considered much of a power, since the army was against the new constitution and failed to take orders. However, the president had much more power than that. Under Article 48, the president had the ability to seize sole power over the whole country whenever necessary. This power enabled him to do anything, including to appoint/dismiss ministers and parties. The use of this power rendered the vote of the people worthless, because the president could change it as he pleased without the people approving. The use of article 48 was limited to emergency situations only, but since the severity of a situation was evaluated by the president himself, he could use the article to seize power whenever he felt like it. This was a big problem because it made people angry that their opinion was not worth anything and that even though the new government was democratic, this clause could turn it into an autocratic government at any time.The voting system in the Weimar Republic was based on proportional representation, which meant that the allocation of seats in parliament was based on the votes cast...

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