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Discuss The Methods That The Government Uses To Communicate Its Monetary And Fiscal Policy And The Barriers It May Face.

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Communication is very important in all spheres of the life. It helps avoid misunderstanding, errors and frustration and is important in developing the relationships and it is a key to success in the life and the work.
It is about exchanging the messages and information between a sender ‘‘The individual who initiates a message in the communication process‘‘ and a receiver ’‘The listener, reader, or observer in the communication process‘‘.
The communication is effective only when the receiver has clearly understood the sender's message. Sending and receiving of information and the messages can be done with different communicative supports such as internet, Smartphones, emails, fax machines, etc. There are different types of communication which can occur in the various processes and depending on the communication channel used.
‘‘ Communication channel is a medium through which a message is transmitted to its intended audience‘‘.
There are two main types of communication: Internal (takes place within an organisation) and external (takes place with the people outside the organisation). Good and effective communication ensures that the government and citizens work together to achieve a specific target and it depends on choosing the right medium for the particular purpose.
An internal communication can take place via speech, internal emails containing the future targets, paging, group meetings discussing the improving quality of the services or a memo which keeps all employee's up to date. It ensures that the employees exactly know what they are required to do and also, that different departments interact effectively. Good internal communication is very important in motivation of the employees. It makes them feel valued, respected and loyal, they are happier and more motivated to do their job better. Effective internal communication can lead to strong teamwork and the ability for employees to work together to achieve company targets. If the internal communication is spot on, the external communication is more effective, because your reputation in external communications depends on the employee's performance within the business.
External communication within an organisation is very important because they are dealing with a people from outside of the company. For external communication, the Government usually uses the media, news channels, campaigning, posters or leaflets to communicate its monetary and fiscal policy to get the message across. This is the one way communication where the sender never can be sure whether the message was understood and therefore it was effective. The message should be passed on in a clear, adequate way that gets noticed by the citizens, while also saving on the time and the cost. The government (sender) should ensure that the message passed on do not contain too much information because it is slowing down the decision...

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