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Discuss The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Globalization In 3rd World Countries

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1.0 Introduction
Globalization is a process to put the world under a similar unit without being confined by geographical borders and a nation Through this process, the world is finally no longer have a border with a country air and the sky was wide open for entry by a variety of information transmitted through various intermediate communication media such as the Internet, electronic media, and cyber technology. This development allows the relationship between a country to country, and relationships with other people can do in a short period.
According to the House Dictionary is defined as the phenomenon of globalization makes the world smaller in terms of human relationships due to the speed ...view middle of the document...

The third world countries are neutral and independent country; most third world countries are developing countries and the former imperial colonies. The third world is also divided into several categories such as third world countries in terms of political freedom, gross national income, human development, freedom and poverty.
2.1Positive Impact
2.1.1 Women’s entrepreneurship
Russia and Ukraine are the two largest countries in the former Soviet Union, experienced 70 years of the Soviet regime, where entrepreneurship is not valid. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the two countries are facing difficulties in economic development have largely been overcome. In both countries, entrepreneurship is a priority basis; However, little practical nature have been introduced to support this (Iakovleva, 2001; Verkhovskaya et al., 2007). Although similar in many ways, Russia and Ukraine have different cultures and contexts. Women's entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that has a tremendous impact on employment and the global business environment (Brush et al., 2009; Minnitti et al., 2005) and, as a result, the scale and growth of women's entrepreneurship has attracted considerable attention from academics, practitioners and policymakers. In Western countries, women are recognised as a driving force in the economy, whether measured by the number of businesses owned, revenue generated or number of people employed (Brush et al., 2009; De Bruin et al., 2006). However, this is not always the case for countries in transition (Iakovleva and Kickul, 2011; Welter and Smallbone, 2011).

2.1.2 Collaboration with foreign countries
According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin Russian Federation, currently Russia is implementing the timely modernization of the technology sector in the areas of industry and the economy and say it can be run together with Indonesia. "Russia and Indonesia have a great interest in each other. We are not rivals, but partners that potential. All project aims to make Indonesia a better country rich and prosperous, "Rogozin said in the Council of Indonesia-Russia Joint Commission on the 9th of Economics, Trade and Technical Cooperation in Jakarta, Tuesday (25/2).
In the context of the field of outer space cooperation, both countries will benefit together in the development of long-term cosmic service sector which includes the orbital navigation service with the Russian GLONASS system. While in the aviation industry, Russia will develop a technical service center of Russian aviation aircraft owned by Indonesia for local and regional air transport in Indonesia. Russia is also developing aircraft component manufacturing plant and station surveillance of territorial waters of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Indonesia.
Rogozin promised that Russia will offer a project relating to the concentration of a specific industry in Indonesia that Indonesian people can get the latest technology. "When later agreed a...

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