Discuss The Presentation Of The Character Uriah Heep In The Novel, David Copperfield. How Does Dickens Make Him An Unsympathetic Character?

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The Novel, David Copperfield was written in 1849 by Charles Dickens. The era in which this was written in also seen the beginning of the industrial revolution. This significant new change caused the emergence of the middle class.There are also other details included in the novel that were first seen in Dickens' time such as depting prison was a common punishment introduced to the penal system. This is where most people would have been sent if they could not pay their bills. Another introduction to the penal system around this era was the deportation of criminals to Australia; this was also mentioned in Dickens' novel.Many believe that David Copperfield is the closest thing to Dickens' autobiography because, although the story is supposedly fictional, the life of David Copperfield is very similar to Dickens' own. For instance, just like David, Dickens worked in a blacking factory, gluing labels on jars, at a very young age.The character of Mr McCawber is , most probably, based on Dickens' father John Dickens as he was not very good with money and was sent to depting prison leaving Charles alone in London at the age of ten, which also happens in the story of David Copperfield. Also the character of Dora could be based Dickens' sister Fanny who he loved greatly but died at a young age.Another factor representing that the novel was based on Dickens is that David became a writer and, obviously, Charles Dickens was also a writer.The reader can tell if Dickens likes or dislikes the person he is writing about just by the general tone of writing in the description of their character. If he likes the character, for instance Peggedy or his mother, he writes about them pleasantly. All the people that he writes about nicely are people who are happy with their lives and are willing to stay in their own class. Class was a very big issue in these times and Charles Dickens was a very strong believer in people staying in their own classes and not being over ambitious.He writes about people he doesn't like very differently, like Uriah Heep and his mother for instance. These characters come across as very unpleasant and villainous. This is how Dickens sees the character and makes his views come across in his writing.Some of the characters carry an aura of unpleasantness in their names, such as Uriah Heep. Heep sounds like creep, which is a somewhat accurate description of his character. Also Uriah gives an image of Urine; this gives his character a dirty, sickly image. It also rhymes with pariah which means to be an outcast which is hat Uriah is.We can tell that Dickens dislikes Uriah Heep by the way he presents his description. The first time that the reader comes across Uriah is when David is placed in lodgings with Mr Wickfield, his aunt's solicitor. Heep works for Mr Wickfield as an office clerk.The way Heep is described on David's first meeting with him is as a cold, callous character and the words Dickens uses in his description of his character automatically...

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