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Discuss The Tension And Arguments Over The Justification Of The Iraq War

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The two articles that I have chosen to compare are " Show you don't want war" and "Iraq evidence is overwhelming". I have chosen these articles because they both show differences in opinion about the war in Iraq. Article 1 " Show you don't want war" is obviously against the war. Article 2 "Iraq evidence is overwhelming" is obviously pro war. Article 1 shows a very strong opinion against the war. Quotes such as " Originality read human tragedy" and " Gulf War part 2" are strong points of not going to war because the first Gulf War was a drawn out battle that took a lot of lives, many of them civilian. Article 2 is about supporting the evidence the United Nations (UN) have as a backup for going to war after visiting Iraq and submitting a dossier which proved that there were weapons of mass destruction being planned and created.The issue is in the public eye because of a number of reasons. The issue is about destroying the weapons of "mass destruction" i.e. chemical and nuclear missiles. These are what the United States and Britain thought that Iraq had these weapons. A minor reason why the issue started was when the first Gulf War started in the early 90's. The Gulf War was not so successful because Saddam Hussein was not killed. The First Gulf war started because Iraqi military forces, on orders from President Saddam Hussein, invaded and occupied the small country of Kuwait. The Persian Gulf War of 1991 from January 16 to February 28 was fought to expel Iraq and restore Kuwaiti independence. It is in the public eye because of a lot of news coverage, this gets a lot of attention because it brings up points that the British people really care about. People want to know what is happening to loved ones that are out there battling, they also want to see what is happening to give them safety from these so called "weapons of mass destruction". Another reason it is so much in the public eye is because world leaders are seemingly engaging in a war of words with each other, battle lines that have so far been drawn pit George W. Bush and Tony Blair against Jacques Chirac and the Iraqi public minister, nicknamed Chemical Ali by many tabloids, both Chirac and Mr.Ali have gone onto national and international television claiming that a war is unjustified and that America and Britain are just taking out past frustrations (September 11th being given as a reason) these two very public figures taking their arguments to the media has just made Tony Blair and George W. Bush do the same, only this time pinning the blame firmly on Iraq. Not a news bulletin passes without one of these figures making a derogatory comment about each other or trying to justify their reasoning. Rather ironically the largest figure of hate and the man at the centre of all the trouble, Saddam Hussein, is still yet to make an appearance in the media.The war introduced several technologically advanced weapon systems. As well as that, the United States forged a broad-based international coalition...

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