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Discuss The Three Levels Of Listening With 3 Specific Examples For Each Level. Provide Five Advantages Of Being A Good Listener.

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Today, communication is one of man’s most imperative skills, and communication depends happen the sense of hearing. Even when we are communicating by visual means, such as writing or typing, we are still using the language that most of us first learned by hearing before we were even out of the womb. Hearing can be defined as the ability which helps in the perception of sound through atmospheres that are being detected by the ear. This is a biological or physical process. Listening, though it may seem similar to hearing, is however, different in that it entails perceiving and understanding the message that was heard. Listening involves the use of a person’s sense of sight and hearing.
Effective listening, therefore, involves the process by which a person understands, interprets, and analyses the information received through hearing. It is an active process that is learned through time. Effective listening skills are not only useful in understanding verbal speech, but also enable a person to derive a conclusion from the speaker’s body language. The ability to listen is essential for success in all relationships. Effective listening skills involve a person paying full attention to the speaker, and having the ability to ignore all eternal distractions. Communicating and listening is very important in our daily life. The pie chart below shows the time people spend communicating.

There are three major levels of listening. First of all, level one, the Internal Listening. When a person listens at this level, they are actually listening to the sound of their own inner voice. That’s where their attention is. They may hear the words of the other person, but they are primarily aware of their own opinions, stories, and judgments of their own feelings, needs, and itches. Here as the listener your focus in on yourself and your own thoughts rather than the speaker.
As the speaker is talking you interpret what you hear in terms of what it means to you. This is normal everyday conversation where it is natural as the listener to gather information to help you form opinions and make decisions. For example, they may be nodding, and going, “uh huh,” but inside they are saying things like: “I had an experience just like that.” “This is starting to bore me.” “I really need to get home to watch TV.” “I’m hungry; when was the last time I ate?” “I’m terrified I’ll say the wrong thing and look stupid.” There are plenty of times in our lives where it is actually important for us to pay close attention to our own needs and opinions .For example, when the barber is asking you how you want your hair style to be, that’s a situation that is 100% about what you want; your opinions, judgments, desires.
Secondly is the level two, Focused Listening. Focused listening is the practice of listening with minimal distraction and being able to identify key points and main ideas in the speech without the assistance of notes or other written or printed materials. Focused listening...

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