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"Discuss To What Extent Advances In Biochemical Knowledge Are Dependent On Methodological Development" Angelina Lorenos

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"Discuss to what extent advances in biochemical knowledge are dependent on methodological development"DEFINTION OF DEVELOPMENTDevelopment is defined as; "Change identifiable as the fulfillment of possibilities inherent in an earlier state."CONSIDERATION OF THE ASPECT OF TIME CONCERNING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN METHODOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS AND KNOWLEDGEOne way of looking at this issue is to consider that when there was a complete absence of biochemical knowledge, or indeed any type of knowledge, there was more information to uncover than later on, after some of this information had been revealed. Proceeding logically, this places limits on the possible advances that could be made, depending on how much time had elapsed from "the beginning". It is possible that the way of applying this knowledge could be a limiting factor in obtaining knowledge, in this way of considering the problem.The alternative is assume that knowledge can be advanced to an infinite level, in which case the point in the development of knowledge overall cannot affect the amount of knowledge possible yet to come.EXPANSION OF THE IDEA OF INTERDEPENDENCE BETWEEN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYThere definitely exists a link between knowledge already available, which can be represented by technology, and the amount from that point which one can advance to. The very nature of association confirms this - the more ideas, the more possible routes of discovery, and the more possible routes of discovery available the greater the maximum possible fruition of further knowledge and technology. This train of thought simply works backwards from the stated definition of "development".Taking the idea of technology to represent evidence of previous knowledge, it cannot actually exist in the absence of the knowledge used to create it; therefore this can be used as a conceptual start point. Technology and methods of approaching problems must therefore be indicators of development.It could also be argued that every action is affected by those that preceded it, i.e. that all ideas are modifications of other pre-existing ideas rather than isolated flashes of inspiration. If this is indeed the case then biochemical knowledge and methodological advancements are inextricably linked to eachother; i.e. completely dependent on one another. So the response to the question of the title would be that the advancement of biochemistry is completely dependent upon methodological advancements.However, if the idea is considered at the level of achievements rather than ethereal concepts, it would seem that biochemical knowledge can exist without the sophistication of methodological advancedness. Take for example a chimpanzee utilising a stick to "fish" for ants. The stick is an example of technology, the use of the stick an example of learning or previous knowledge. But consider a human example of technology; a computer. The advanced technology incorporated in the CPU will have required a certain amount of specific knowledge...

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