Discuss Ways In Which Owen Uses Events From The Past To Create Sympathy For The Young Man In Disabled.

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Discuss ways in which Owen uses events from the past to create sympathy for the young man.'Disabled' by Wilfred Owen is a reflective poem on the experiences of a young World War I soldier that compares his horrific post-war experiences to his carefree past. As a solider himself, Owen's sympathizes with the speaker and relates to his plight.Wilfred Owen's poem is essentially about a disabled soldier. He is sitting in the wheelchair, "waiting for dark". The dark creates a reference not only to the end of the day, but also to the end of life. It illustrates a joyless present and isolation of soldiers that compares to the warmth of the second stanza. It's conveyed as a saddening feeling as they are now helpless and the life they are about to live is inevitable for them. It emphasizes an emptiness of livelihood. The use of the adjective 'dark' provoke sadness for the reader as it has negative connotations that forebode this physically and emotionally damaged life of a soldier. As he sits, he listens to the sound of children playing. However, he is aware that soon these kids will be called home for bedtime - "till gathering sleep had mothered them from him" Again, he is alluding to the end of their full-of-life sounds, as well as the end of their consciousness.He then continues to reflect on the way his town used to be, carefree and effervescent, with 'glow-lamps budded in the light blue trees' to emphasize how everything used to blossom with enjoyment even if there was nothing in particular to be joyous about. Owen is highlighting the losses of this soldier by contrasting his present life with the past that he now appreciates to a much larger extent having lost his limbs. This creates a desolate effect on the reader as he comes to realization that it takes a great loss to appreciate simply being able to engage in everyday life. In the quote, "he threw away his knees" Owen is implying that this was a needless loss which is reinforced later on in the poem where the wounded solider fails to remember why he joined up, pointing only to a sense of duty and euphoria after the football match. Owen made a compelling choice when he chose to use the words "threw away" as he is emphasizing that the soldier's loss is not as honorable as he thought before joining the military. Owen establishes that the loss of his legs was a waste and further discusses the seriousness of his injury in using a word such as "lapsed" where the speaker acknowledges that in losing his legs came losing a large part of his life. It could also be a play on the word 'lap' where the speaker sees that the world is still revolving around him, moving on, and leaving him behind. This is shown when the poet expresses the loss of female attention towards him.The speaker refers back to the day when women showed interest and the reader is shown that the soldier is more affected by their rejection than his injury. This shows a feeling of weakness particularly in the quote, "he noticed how the women's...

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