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Discuss What You Think The Main Theme Of "Macbeth" Is.

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William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' is a play in which a man by the name ofMacbeth, who is presented as a mature man with an uncertain character. At the beginningof the story, Macbeth's character was a character with strong morals. As the play went onthough, Macbeth's morality lessened immensely. After killing Duncan he was veryparanoid and feared the consequences that would arise. He knew what he had donewrong. In comparing Duncan's murder with his best friend, Banquo's murder, He wasmuch more relaxed after Banquo's death. His character shifted throughout the play.Macbeth, at this point did anything to keep his crown, even so far as to getting killed forit! I think that some sort of anatomy of evil was responsible for Macbeth's as well as othercharacters' wrongdoings in the story. Each character in the story had to either fight it orgive into it. In Macbeth's case, he fought it and lost, and therefore, gave into it.The play makes several points about the nature of evil. One point it makes is thatevil is not normal in human nature. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have to sort of 'trick'themselves into murdering Duncan. First, Lady Macbeth has to beg evil spirits to tear allhuman feeling from her ('...spirits / That tend on mortal thoughts...' [Act I, Scene V,Lines 41-42] 'Stop up th' accessand passage to remorse / That no compunctiousvisitings of nature / Shake my fell purpose...'[Act I, Scene V, Lines 45-47]) and thenshe has to make Macbeth ignore his own conscience ('Yet do I fear thy nature; It is toofull o' th' milk of human kindness To catch the nearest way' [Act I, Scene V, Lines17-19]) Once she has seen her husband's ambition has been inflamed, she is willing to riskanything to help him get the crown. It was as if she were taking her heart out to make herhusband king. She has been very successful of emptying herself of human feeling. By theend of the play, both characters have been destroyed from within. Fear and guilt driveLady Macbeth mad; Macbeth sees life as an empty, meaningless charade. (His famousspeech upon hearing of Lady Macbeth's suicide: 'Tomorrow, and tomorrow, andtomorrow...'[Act V, Scene V, Lines 17-28]) This speech is less an expression of griefthan it is a speech about the meaningless of life.The second point is that evil disrupted nature itself. In nature, there is a time and aplace for everything. For example, a flower blooms when the laws of nature says it should,neither sooner, nor later. When Macbeth achieves the crown by murder, he upsets thenatural order of his life along with the order of Scotland. Without the rightful, God-givenking on the throne, all of society is disordered. Under Macbeth's rule, there can only bechaos and evil. Even nature becomes disturbed: (the Old Man and Ross discuss all...

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