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Discuss Whether Facebook Is An Effective Medium For Product Promotion Or Not.

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With the increasing universality of social network, it is not only a new medium to make friends, but also a way for business entities to promote their commodities.  More customers can recognize the brand as well as the latest products.  People, however, are riddled with overmuch advertisement which becomes disturbance and even computer virus.  Therefore, both for’s and against of social networking advertisement should be considered so as to realize its effectiveness.
The first criticism of the product promotion on Facebook is its security. Snares are pervasive among the click-through advertisements due to the tracking cookies installed in the websites by hackers [6]. The instruction in the pop-up page misleads customers to provide their personal information including bank account passwords and ID card numbers in order to steal their savings through hacking into their bank accounts. Apart from the installation of cookies, virus can be invaded into computers through the download link in web. Once the visitors download the coupons uploaded in the bogus pages, virus is also being downloaded. It is difficult to determine the authenticity of the websites with such a high similarity and just a few words are changed when comparing with the original address. There is also difficulties in monitoring the traps in pop-up pages because it is an additional page with varied source to the initial page.
The trustworthiness of the promotion pages in Facebook has been enhanced by revising the promotion styles. Since 2010, a function called "instant personalization" was launched in Facebook. The advertising style was reformed from pop-up pages to company profile pages. Using "instant personalization", no additional pages are involved which means all profile pages are mostly under control. Abundant information is included in the entity's profile page which allows visitors to be aware of the brand's perspective [3]. Consumers are able to express ideas and raise questions in the page where numerous monitors are available to respond their messages. According to Budden. C et al. [2], 'the rule is “that users – not providers – drive the success or failure of social networks'.Therefore, an immediate response can help tackling the problems that clients are facing and the adoption of their suggestion can acquire trust from them [1]. A permanent bonding between buyers and company can then be built due to authenticity of company [3].
Despite the safety of click-through advertisements, there are some protestors indicate that the general public is likely to neglect the advertisements around due to the negative impression of product promotion. Soza [5] also presents a research result that social network users tend to concentrate on chatting with their buddies instead of have a look on the promotion. Seldom can the company profile pages as well as the posters be viewed by the Facebook users. There are certain...

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