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Discuss Whether Hong Kong Government Should Limite The Daily Quota Of Incoming Mainland Chinese Tourists

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Recently, Taiwan government announced that the daily quota of incoming mainland Chinese tourists will be 5000 people in the next year. The action of Taiwan government has aroused a great deal of controversy on whether Hong Kong government should imitate Taiwan to limit the incoming mainland Chinese tourists. Some people pointed out that it may have drawbacks on the Hong Kong economy. However, some local residents argue that it benefits Hong Kong local people. The pro and con will be dissected in the following.

As the main source of Hong Kong tourism, limiting mainland Chinese tourists may weaken the Hong Kong economy. By the research of the Hong Kong Tourism Board titled '' Visitor ...view middle of the document...

The local businessman, therefore, could not earn their money. Furthermore, mainland Chinese tourists crazily shopping in Hong Kong lead in raising the inflation and rents. Numerous of the local business owners could not afford the rising rent that they finally close their business. On the other hand, the Hong Kong grass roots are extremely hard because of the high cost of living. Therefore, the government should limit the incoming mainland Chinese tourists to avoid a great deal of tourists shop in Hong Kong so that inflation and rent of Hong Kong can be balanced.

Limiting the incoming mainland Chinese tourists not only decrease the incomes of Hong Kong tourism industry significantly, but also cause the problem of unemployment. As above mentioned that about 40 million mainland Chinese tourists visit Hong Kong in 2013. The large number of tourists requires a great deal of worker serve for these tourists, for example, shops need hire added salespersons, hotels need hire more employees. It provide over one hundred thousand jobs for the Hongkongers, so that the Hong Kong unemployment rate stayed at approximately 3.2% [3]. Therefore, if the government limit the incoming mainland Chinese tourists, there will be about one hundred thousand people losing their job, and cause the unemployment soaring of Hong Kong.

On the other hand, numerous of local residents pointed out that Hong Kong is overoccupied with tourists so that they want the government to set the daily quota of incoming mainland Chinese tourists. Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development-Gregory So estimated that there will be 70 million tourists visiting Hong Kong in 2017 [4]. Whenever the holiday season, Hong Kong's tourist spots will crowd with tourists who most likely are the mainland Chinese tourists. The residents as who live in those tourist spots...

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