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Discuss Which Specific Methods For Implementation Can Be Used At The Enterprise Level. · Describe Which Specific Tools For Implementation Can Be Used At The Enterprise Level. · Provide An Example Of A Well Defined Implementation Process.

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Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing:In this paper there will be a discussion of alternative ways for Riordan Manufacturing Company to implement a new production plan, to generate an increase in its production for the new process design, and supply chain process for the electric fans at Riordan. The discussion will briefly observe and identify various strategic ability plans as well as lean production. The supply chain process for the manufacturing of electrical fans will determine a qualifying processing system. However, for Riordan manufacturing to reach its goals, they will need to implement control techniques and regulate various concepts this will help the company to become more creative.Supply Chain Strategy:Riordan manufacturing can achieve a significant competitive advantage through the way the supply chain operations is configured and managed. "Outsourcing is an act of moving some of a firm's internal activities and decision responsibility to outside providers" (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006, p. 413). In the electronic industry, manufacturing can be performed by contract manufacturers, which manage the full supply chain, distribution, and, maintenance of the product. Riordan can outsource the manufacturing of the electric fans to a Chinese supplier. Once the duties of manufacturing are outsourced, Riordan can focus on other areas of the business without the worry of managing manufacturing. The labor and resources are much cheaper in China and will allow Riordan to make a bigger profit on the electric fans. Outsourcing allows Riordan to cut cost on manufacturing and gives an opportunity for an advantage over the organization's competitors (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006, Pp.413-416).Strategic Capacity Planning: While determining strategic capacity planning, the project manager (PM) must realize the factors that contribute to the process. The first factor will be the amount of time it takes to bring a new capacity into place, along with the time it takes to begin a new product into place. Second will there be an impact if there is not sufficient capacity for a new promising product. Third will there be a need for a third-party manufacture to help produce the new product and what will be the cost of that flexibility (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006, Pp. 406-416).Riordan Can Make the Fans:Capacity planning involves the collective data of input and output information. This information will help Riordan Manufacturing (RM) and their managers determine what fans are produced, how many, and the resources needed to produce them in a timely; but costly manner. The company may be capable of making four different products within its factory location, but is only feasible to produce only three of those products at a profit. The fourth product line needs to be discontinued or could still be profitable through an outside vendor. "There are adversarial relations between supply chain partners as well as dysfunctional industry practices...

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