Discuss Works That Reminds Us Of The Role Of Death In Understanding Life

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Even though people have been dying since the start of life, we can never get use to the idea of leaving our loved ones behind. Therefore humans choose to disregard death and get pleasure from life, and consequently we tend to stray away from righteousness. Two works; Everyman by an unknown author, and The Pardoner’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer have been written to preach humans toward Christianity-the right way of living. These authors utilize plot to reveal the role of death in understanding life. This is achieve by drawing on the foolishness of mankind, their response to the inevitable death and the effect of death on protagonists which altogether helps the readers understand worldly treasures are temporary.
The play Everyman begins with God commanding his messenger Death to summon “every creature and give account” of their lives. The name Everyman symbolizes mankind who has become “blotted and blind” by worldly riches and have “wend” onto the corrupt path. The author alludes to biblical allusions, “I [suffer] to be dead and “[hang] between two,” to alert people from God’s anger. This imagery evokes desolate tone because Jesus, the savior of mankind, is crucified between two thieves to save man from drowning into sins such as; “pride, covetise, wrath, and lechery.” However the mankind still overlooks Him and hence Death is send to Everyman. The Pardoner’s Tale, begins with three rioters who “daunce [drink and gamble] bothe day and night.” The author portrays this image to elicit that mankind is contravening God’s rules who told us to “be sober, be vigilant; because [our] adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” This elucidates that small sins can lead to mischievous deeds, and therefore making it difficult to live honorably. This is further emphasized through biblical allusion of a “drunken Looth” , a good man in all of Gomorra, who commits incest with his daughters in a drunken state. This elaborates on the fact that human race is continuing the sins of Adam, and becoming astray. Moreover by developing plot, both authors hint the parallels where mankind is lost in the worldly lavishness without the fear of God.
To make mankind realize God is still more powerful than man, God sends Death to humans. In Everyman, the author utilizes dialogues between God and Death such as; “Almighty God, I am here at your will” to hint Death as an agent of God. This conjures up God as the lone authority who can “strike [Everyman] with [his] dart.” Furthermore personification of Death insinuates the realism of death which cannot be repressed. It will come to everyone and will not set “by gold, silver, nor riche.” This forewarns the readers about the worldly goods that cannot prevent Death because it is relentless. This certainty of death makes Everyman fearful of eternal journey and thus begs God “to have mercy on him.” In contrast to Everyman, The Pardoner’s Tale exploits harsh diction such as; “traitour...

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