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The Ends And Outs Of Starting A Boutique

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The type of store that was created was a boutique that sold accessories, jewelry, and shoes. This store’s location would be in the city and aiming towards women that enjoy wearing accessories but not spending a lot of money. The boutique is also small but with open space inside. The brand image of the boutique is classic, girly, and elegant. This is because the brands that are being sold are needed to resemble what they want to represent. The target market is mainly focused on middle to middle upper class females. The age group that is mostly targeted is women from eighteen to late twenties. This is due to the merchandise the boutique has to offer as in the type of shoes and jewelry that age would draw to.
For the boutique’s price point it is moderate. The reason why is that the target market is towards middle to middle upper class and putting in consideration how much the target market will spend. The reason is because the cost of the area being in the city goes into play. This is because the city has higher expensive than the suburbs so not many customers would want to pay for expensive merchandise.
The boutique’s walls are two chrome black walls then in the back of the store the wall is blue. Following that the wall that the cashwraps are located is white. For the black chrome walls, it creates a focal point for the customers to draw their attention to the bright blue wall in the back that has the shoes display. Also, the chrome black goes along with the boutique’s brand image of being classic and elegant. The color white for the wall by the cash registers was chosen to add brightness to the room since there are two black walls along the sides. Then the floor is marble white chrome to create an elegant feel for the middle to middle upper class target market. The marble of the floor is reflective to the lights that will make the store brighter and be complementary to the merchandise by the “glow”. As for the ceiling, the color that was used was charcoal grey. This was chosen to make all the walls cohesive due to evenness contrast of brightness and darkness. Then it will not be distracting to the consumer on looking at the merchandise than up.
The main colors that were chosen for the boutique were chrome black, white, blue, and charcoal grey....

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