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The health of the public relies on many factors that can be related back to nutritional habits of the majority. By allocating resources to many of these nutritional issues, the chances of a healthier population increase exponentially. Increased sugar additives, misleading food labels, and fad diets using weight loss supplements are a few of the issues that continue to plague the health of the entire population.
Having a sweet tooth is okay to an extent, but lately it seems that every item bought in a store has an outrageous amount of sugar added to make it fulfill that sweet craving. The addition of so much sugar to the diets of millions has long been thought to be a cause of obesity. ...view middle of the document...

According to an article from the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, MSG is a flavor additive that has been found to excite cells to the point of death which could be leading to increased incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease or Parkinson’s Disease. MSG is often labeled as “spices” in certain foods making it more difficult for providers to make sure they are keeping MSG out of their dependents diets. By allocation resources to correcting MSG labeling and other misleading labeling techniques the health of populations can improve (Xiong, Branigan, & Li, 2009, p. 329-330).
The desire to lose weight is shared by many people, but the drive to do it the correct way is not as widely spread. TV ads continuously advertise for the newest and best diet pill that will help a person lose all the weight they want. Many of these pills contain ingredients that have not been tested long enough to know the long-term effects that could come from the consumption of the diet pill. With the unknowns, populations are put at risk for a number of health risks. ...

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Week 2 Discussion 2 Essay

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