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Discussion 4 Essay

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Many recent quality improvement programs strive to deliver better, patient-centered, coordinated, cost effective healthcare services (Harbrecht & Latts, 2012). McClellan (2011) explains several quality initiative programs realize healthcare centers are under-utilizing evidence-based preventative care measures and there is a need for more coordinated care regarding chronic conditions. He reveals a significant challenge these programs face is finding ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of services rendered (McClellan, 2011).
One such quality initiative program implemented to improve prevention strategies and coordination of care for patients with chronic illnesses was the Colorado Multipayer Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot (Harbrecht & Latts, 2012). Harbrecht and Latts (2012) explain six health plans, the state’s high-risk pool carrier, sixteen family or internal medicine practices, and 100,000 patients took part in the study. They state the payers approved a combined compensation system that involved fee-for-service payments, care management (coordination) fee, and pay-for-performance bonus to healthcare practices that achieved predetermined cost and quality objectives. They reveal each participating provider practices received NCQA (National Committee on Quality Assurance) Patient-Centered Medical Home identification and agreed to the following complementary goals: providing more preventative services, to improve the coordination and health of their patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses (by stressing prevention and healthy lifestyle habits), reducing emergency room (ER) visits, reducing hospitals admissions and readmissions, and to use more generic drugs for treatments. They report the pilot program did improve quality of services delivered, while reducing costs associated with fewer ER visits and hospital readmissions, especially for patients with chronic illnesses (Harbrecht & Latts, 2012).
Another prevention dedicated quality improvement study that focused on helping patients diagnosed with chronic illness to develop the self-management skills necessary to make...

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