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Discussion About The Relationship Between News Release And Organization Boston University Assignment

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Jiaqi Ou
Prof. Sender
News Release II
Journalist Bob Brown: “Print is Dead”
On March 1, Bob Brown held a speech in Boston University about his transition from print to online journalism and said that the print format is dead, and many journalists seek to change their jobs.
“I once thought print journalism for life after I graduated from Boston University in 1985. But I had to change my career and adapt the growth of the digital,” said Brown.
He left the Boston Herald in 1988 and transferred to a news editor position of Network World, a provider of information for IT executives. “Back at that time, I didn’t know what network was. There was no technology ahead,” said Bob.
Other than that, Brown is also the founder of The Swellesley Report, a hyper-local online blog. He created the website because he couldn’t find place to sledding. Now, the website develops a lot and competes with local newspaper. “Compared to the other local news, The Swellesley Report has a bigger personality,” said Brown. His job is to write everything he sees, including snowstorms and silly things that happen in Wellesley and his wife helps him to sell advertisements on the website.
The biggest difference Brown feels between print journalism and online journalism is that online journalists have to “do it...

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