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Discussion Of The Importance Of Economic Factors In The Changing Nature Of Jew Hating

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Discussion of the Importance of Economic Factors in the Changing Nature of Jew-hating

“At times of bitter distress, fury against him [Jew] breaks out and
the plundered and ruined masses begin to defend themselves against the
scourge of God” [1]

The religious based Jew-hating, termed as ‘Judeaphobia’, existed
during times of ‘bitter distress’ within society whereby Jews were
often the victims of sporadic violence and consequent restriction to
their rights. Segregation was often considered the only option
creating the Pale of Settlement (Russia) which restricted the Jews to
live and work within this territory. These aforementioned elements of
Jew-Hating coincided with pogroms and repulsions, thus establishing
Judeaphobia as the religious based hatred.

This ‘Jew-Hatred’, apparent from the Crusades and Middle-Ages, was
subject to a definite change during the period of 1789-1939. The 18th
Century introduced philosophical rationalists such as Wilhelm Marr of
who first used the term “Anti-Semitism” in 1877. The latter idiom was
racially based and the product of this hatred was in absolute contrast
to that of Judeaphobia. Anti-Semitism was the product of political
parties, pressure groups and the media which created a permanent
hatred for the Jews amongst society.

The economic factors of The Great Depression of 1873, affected Germany
considerably, caused by a booming industry colliding with the stock
market cessation. Germany experienced several economic and industrial
problems and it is easy to conceive the explanation as to why German
Gentiles blamed this time of “Bitter Distress” on the Jews. Germany
gained unification in 1870 and the Jews obtained emancipation in 1871.
As Germany attempted to recover from the big attack on its
infrastructure, the Jews prospered in this newfound equality and began
to over-represent gentiles in the education system. In Prussia, for
every 100,000 Jewish males, 519 went through higher education; for a
similar number of Catholic males, the figure was 33; for Protestants,
58[2]. It has been estimated Jews owned 45% of banks by 1900 the
biggest department stores in Berlin and Hamburg were Jewish owned; yet
still represented a mere 1% of German population. Jews were considered
to have taken advantage, rose beyond their position and consequently
caused the Depression that banished Germany into economic, industrial
ruin and ‘bitter distress.’ Beforehand, the Jews had been the victims
of Judeaphobic sporadic violence during the famine of 1816 which
produced a string of pogroms and the ‘Hep Hep!’ riots of 1819. The
1873 depression acted as a catalyst for anti-Semitic political parties
which emerged during 1880s; one being that of Georg von Schonerer, who
gained backing from German farmers whose agriculture was suffering
economically. This ascertained the...

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