Discussion Of Devices And Computer’s Components

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1.0 Discussion About Pointing Devices

The website of PCMAG (n.d.) stated that pointing devices are devices of input utilised to move cursors or pointers on screens and mouse are a major device of pointing for the desktop computers and for laptops, touchpads are the main pointing devices. All of us who are in contact with modern technological devices will somehow touch those pointing devices; for example, when we use the desktop computer, we will definitely use the mouse in order to point at icons. Smith (2013) wrote that there are ranges of pointing devices that are utilised to move the cursors of computers and they are as the following: mouse, with a ball attached at the bottom to serve as a roller for the mouse to function; trackball, a device similar to mouse but the user only uses the ball which is usually located at the top or the side of the device thus, there is no need to move the device wholly like a mouse; touchpad, a pad that is sensitive the motion of the user for controlling the cursor, the user has to slide his finger on the device and the cursor will follow the movement of the user’s finger, this device is built usually for laptops; game devices, positions of cursor are controlled by the arrow buttons or a joystick; light or stylus, this device functions like a mouse when moved or clicking icons by touching or rather, clicking on the screen, used in Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), smartphones and tablets, this pointing device can be a tool of writing when in contact with the screen; touchscreen, used on modern smartphones, tablets, petrol stations and Automatic Teller Machines and the selection is made by touching the icons on the screen.

According to the blog of the Great Informer (n.d.), apart from the abovementioned pointing devices by Smith (2013) which totalled to six pointing devices, the blog stated that there is another one more pointing device and that went by the name of digitizer which is also known as graphics tablet; the digitizer is used for tracing old images or drawing new images; it is also used to make maps and drawing things related to engineering;this device has a rectangular board which is flat and a stylus. Every location of the board points to correlating position on the computer screen.

We will notice that all of the pointing devices whether they are mouse, graphics tablet, trackball, touchpad, game devices, light pen, or even touch screen— have shared the same functions— and that is to assist the users to click, point and drag icons and other palpable objects on the screens of computers.
In the next section of this assignment, I will elaborate on the latest technologies of pointing devices.

1.1 Elaboration on The Latest Technologies on Pointing Devices

According to Smith (2013), the mice of the present days have lasers under them that shine on the surface to check the movement of the mice and no mouse pads are needed provided the surfaces must be smooth in nature (example: Logitech LS1...

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