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Discussion Of How Mean Girls Conforms With The Teen Film Genre

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Discussion of How Mean Girls Conforms With the Teen Film Genre

(Paramount 2004)

If I was to walk into a video store I would be able to choose from
many different genres as this is how they are organised into
categories. The genre that Mean girls comes under is “teen” genre. A
teen genre is a film that is broadly appealing to a teenage audience.
The film we studied was Mean Girls which is an American teen movie.
The sub genre for this film was the School picture. By this I mean
that it as set and revolved about teenagers at an American High school.
The representation is these kind of films are stereotypes of the
characters and mean girls was no different they put different labels
on the characters for example there were the jocks, cheerleaders,
Asian nerds, plastics (the popular girls kind of come under
cheerleaders) and the people who don’t fit in. The characters were
about 16 -17 about the same age as the target audience perhaps a bit
younger e.g. most teenagers are around 14-15 when they start to watch
the films. The film shows issues that may be the average teenager
might experience through their adolescent years like drugs, sex,
popularity, sexuality and bullies. The Mise-en-scene is things to let
the audience know that this is for them as an audience to relate to.
For example they show the audience the rooms of Regina George and
Cady; the rooms show us another angle of the person’s personality..
The soundtrack for a film like mean girls will reflect the target
audiences taste in music so something that is in the popular music
scene that will probably enter the charts which in 2004 was God is a
DJ by controversial artist Pink. Some of the lyrics in the song show
how Pink has experiences such issues mentioned in the film first hand;

I've been the girl with her skirt pulled high
Been the outcast never running with mascara eyes
Now I see the world as a candy store
With a cigarette smile, saying things you can't ignore
Like mommy I love you
Daddy I hate you
Brother I need you
lover hey f**k you
I can see everything, here with my third eye
Like the blue in the sky

In the film the teenagers are from quite a range of backgrounds like
for example Cady heron played by Lindsay Lohan is an intelligent
teenager brought up and educated in Africa by her parents. She then
moves to America and joins a new school within weeks she is swept up
into a totally different world of the Plastics the A-list girl clique
at her new school who rule over the rest of the school. She faces
problems she never had to face in Africa which we ironically think
would be far more complicated than an average “civilized” high school.
She faces the daunting prospect of having to find new friends which is
hard for any newcomer to face. She is swept into the high school
system of hierarchy...

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