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Discussion Of Whether Gattaca Portrays A Realistic View Of The Future And Gene Manipulation

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Discussion of Whether Gattaca Portrays A Realistic View Of The Future And Gene Manipulation

Media. It controls a lot of what we think, what we believe and so
changes our attitude and behaviour towards certain things. It has
changed our thinking so much so that we believe almost anything and
everything the media say and do. Without the media, life would not be
as it is. Newspapers, magazines, television, internet, radio, the lot
have very much altered our thinking.

Lately, there have been many talks on the issues regarding genetic
manipulation and human cloning. Parents who once disagreed with the
idea of cloning are now beginning to reconsider, as to whether or not
genetic manipulation should be considered as good and right.

Genetic manipulation is the process in which genes from a fertilized
egg are changed or modified by doctors/ scientists to produce the
‘best’ from the parents. One form of media- the film Gattaca, nearly
all the characters are gene- manipulated. Those who are born
naturally, referred to as ‘God Children’ in the film, are looked down
upon and as an inferior to those who are gene- manipulated. It can
happen at work, at school, outside and even in the family. This is the
case with Vincent- he is a God Child, whereas his own brother, Anton
(this was to be Vincent’s name at birth, but his father did not
approve of it, as he wanted his middle name to be given to his ‘best’
son) is a Gene- manipulated child, hence, always being portrayed as
superior to his brother, Vincent.

This is shown many times in the film, from their childhood through
into adulthood, where both brothers meet again.

I think that the movie portrays a realistic and true view of the
future and gene manipulation. Gattaca has portrayed this very well and

During the late 90’s, when ‘Gattaca’ was released, talks on gene
manipulation were very serious. It was also around the time when the
clone of ‘Dolly’ the sheep was revealed to the public. In my opinion,
Andrew Niccol had purposely released the film at that particular time
to make realise the consequences of gene manipulation, to make parents
most of all, realise what could happen. I think that at the end of the
film, when Jerome commits suicide and Vincent is going up into space,
is a very effective part in portraying the consequences of having a
genetically modified child. A person who thought he was perfect in all
ways possible, who people thought to be perfect; his life ended the
day he got a silver medal instead of gold in a swimming competition.
He tried to commit suicide, but became handicapped instead. However,
he did become successful in killing himself at the end. I think Andrew
Niccol wanted to depict how fatal the consequences could be, because
people were only seeing one side of the story- more like only being

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