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Discussion On Analysis Of The Implications Of Implementing Mandatory Reserve Officers Training Corps To College Students Of De La Salle Lipa

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The results of the survey were very interesting. As shown in Graph 1, 22% expressed that they preferred ROTC as a NSTP component when statistics show that in DLSL, there are no students taking ROTC. It also ranked second among the three components ousting LTS which is more dominant than ROTC in DLSL. Knowing that, the researchers realized that some students are not taking the NSTP component they prefer. One factor here is, probably, because of the provisions of the NSTP act. Under RA 9163, higher educational institutions (HEI) need to have at least 350 ROTC applicants for them to offer ROTC. Due to that, DLSL being an HEI failed to offer ROTC as a result of the shortage in applicants.

The results of Graph 2 show that two out of three students dislike the idea of having mandatory military training. In the interview with Ms. Dimaculangan (2013) regarding the results, she pointed that the querulous nature of students nowadays could be the reason as to why students do not like the idea of compulsory military training. She added that this nature of students results to “weak” and “soft” male tertiary students, unlike before when ROTC was mandatory. The researchers agree with Ms. Dimaculangan. The current generation is greatly different than the previous one. Today, the current generation lives in a convenient and peaceful life, unlike the previous one that was conscious of wars and hardships.

Upon looking at the results of the interview, the researchers, as expected, were able gather varied and divided results since the researchers chose diverse participants in the intention to obtain mixed responses.

After a thorough analysis of the results, as a whole, the participants suggest that ROTC, alone, is important. Most of them are not in favor of implementing mandatory ROTC; however, three recommended implementing mandatory ROTC in DLSL and one recommended to consider ROTC as an NSTP component. They were able to justify that military training is important and is beneficial both to the individual and to the country, though it still bears negative effects.

Based from the responses, the negative effects brought by ROTC are not because of ROTC itself and its curriculum but the poor its poor implementation. The main problem is not within the participants, the school nor the system. The problem, based from the interviews, is within the facilitators, primarily, the military personnel. Facilitating ROTC in schools gives them the avenue to stretch their authority over students. The malpractices of some facilitators may result to abuse of authorities and may lead to violence and, worst, death.

It is indeed about time for the government to reinstate mandatory ROTC in all colleges and universities provided that the mistakes of the past shall not be repeated. Subsequently, the government must be strict on its implementation and guiding principles. Moreover, previous practices that led to abuse and violence must be eliminated....

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