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Modern management incorporates team empowerment and teamwork in place of supervisory and having the necessary skills within a team ensures success of the concept of management. This modern technique of management utilizes teamwork among employees in organization. Since the use of teams to handle various organization responsibilities implies a shift from the traditional supervisory relation to a team based approach effective teams need to posses skills that enable it to handle larger responsibilities. It seems to me like teamwork is more of delegation of more duties from supervisor to workers in their teams. With this approach, concepts such as empowerment of teams arise. This paper evaluates the way team functions, different skills needed in teams and the concept of team empowerment.According to Katzenbach and Smith, (1998) a team is a small group of people who are joined together by a common purpose and performance goal. Teams work together to attain the goals and are accountable for their actions. Teams are formed on two basic assumptions as advanced by (Katz 1995, Kotter 1990). First, that use of teams transfers more responsibility form supervisor to workers, which then implies that workers need added skills to handle enlarged responsibilities and secondly that management has capacity to influence skill structure in teams.According to Katz and Kotters assumption, teams cause changes in work organization and skills are a requisite. However, this assumption has limitations because it is difficult separate supervisors' responsibilities from those of the teams. Further, it is unclear how much responsibility should be shifted to teams. However, the decision lies with management and leadership who are in charge of determining the amount of responsibility depending on the value placed on teams, the willingness of middle management to share responsibility, skills possessed by teams and so on. Katz assumption suggests the capacity of management to influence skill structure in the way team members are selected. The basis of selection should be on taking into account skills possessed by each member and the effect on the level of the organization. What this assumptions implies is that organizations that chose to apply this modern management style should redesign the organizations span of control to delegate more responsibility to team members and ensure that teams members have skills, which complement other members weakness and strengths.It is important to note that organizations management and leadership have significant impact or team operations starting from the planning process to delegation of duties and operation management. Reorganization of structure of an organization is a transition process and often management is caught up in the process. At such a point, the importance of the skills within teams comes into play. According to Kotter 1990, human skills are necessary during changes and they include conceptual, technical and human skills. Perhaps...

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