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Consumer Behavior: Involvement Essay

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For decades, marketers have been attempting to resolve the mystery of consumer behaviour and find out how and why they involve themselves in certain ways. Involvement is a term used in several disciplines but in regards to marketing, many authors define it to be a variable of motivation, variable differing in person but despite the several proposed definitions by Zaichkowsky (1986), Baker (2002) etc., there is no set definition available.
Over the decades, three key areas of involvement have been identified to be with advertising, product and purchase. Of these, this paper will be examining purchase involvement which is generally described to be relating to level of interest in the purchase process (Beatty, Homer, and Kahle, 1988). The buying process is generally regarded with the following stages: need/problem awareness, information search, and evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post-purchase experience (Baker, 2002)
Levels of involvement range from high to low (Choubtarash, Mahdieh, and Marnani, 2013). It has been established that the process of purchasing differs due to this. In other words, different consumers will adopt different purchasing involvement processes for the same product. Using literatures and theories on the two levels of purchase involvements, a critical analysis of my two purchases shall be made next.

My products
Medtronic Pump
Recently, I purchased a diabetic pump from Nairobi, Kenya. I am a juvenile diabetic for the past 15 years and having such a product would change the way I live my life. This purchase would be categorised as a low involvement purchase. The product is a pump which mimics several functions of a pancreas. It delivers insulin like a pancreas and has multiple settings to allow for flexibility and customisation for the consumer using it. It also has alarm systems and gives 24 hour monitoring of my sugar levels.
Research about the product was very little, as I had immediately begun with training once the decision to buy it was made. It was purchased immediately after I finished my A-levels. This was due to the hypoglycaemia I experienced during the months I was preparing to leave for university in UK. This caused panic to parents about how I would handle myself alone in UK. Consequently we decided to get it straight away.
The product’s features was what had got me as well as my parents to buy it: Product with maximum features working to ease the monitoring of my condition, ease of training, quality, look, advanced technology, warranty, cost, availability worldwide and services provided. The product had to be bought from a nearby country Kenya and not Tanzania (home country) due to two reasons- 1) my diabetes was first diagnosed in Nairobi so my medical records and my main doctor was already there, 2)pumps are not available in Tanzania or the rest of East Africa.
The doctor himself was diabetic and using the pump he recommended. He showed the ease of use and well as how the machine...

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