Discussion Paper On The Use Of Traditional Knowledge By The Inuit(Eskimo To Americans)With Regards To Wildlife Managment.

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Community Based Research Project PaperTraditional Envoronmenal Knowledge of the Banks Island Inuit as Relating to the Management of the Banks Island Muskox HerdIntroductionTraditional Knowledge tries to understand systems as whole and not isolate the interacting parts. As Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK) users will point out, you pay attention to things, when those things are what keep you alive. Traditional Knowledge is an understanding and reverence that native people have with ecosystems. It is often expressed in spiritual and cultural terms and rules, providing not only description and reverence for natural resources but an ethical system for human behavior for sustaining ecosystems, including humans, for generations that will follow. Humans depend on ecosystems and human actions must reflect this dependency.The reason for the establishment of this project is to verify the need for the incorporation of TEK concerning the management of the Banks Island Musk ox herd. The project will use a semi-structured research method in order to allow interview subjects an opportunity to expand on established questions to be determined by participating project organizations. It is my hope that this paper will give more credence to the use of TEK relating to the management of the Banks Island Musk ox herd. Current as well as past research in the field of musk ox management has proven to be inadequate, as current numbers have indicated. It is hoped that this research paper will result in the collaborative management of the herd. Although my paper focuses on traditional knowledge as it relates to the environment and ecology, it is important to note that it is a form of knowing that includes the spiritual, political and social elements of life as well. As this is a community driven project, all aspects of TEK will be represented by community members through an interview process and field investigation. Benefits to the community will ultimately be the met with the management of the herd using current methods and TEKWhat is Traditional Environmental Knowledge?Traditional knowledge systems are practiced by Indigenous and rural peoples all over the world, and involve the knowledge they have established through their close connection to the lands on which they live.My interpretation of environmental knowledge would includes an in-depth understanding of the behavior of the northern environments we experience in different seasons of the year, and an understanding of the different living resources that need these environments for their own survival. We often simplify the references to our knowledge by using the term "land" or "bush" to refer to environments made up of land, tidal zone, coastal waters and islands, and the waters and islands of the offshore areas that we reach by boat.Because we use "the bush" in all seasons, knowledge includes information that describes the changes in our physical environment over the seasons.Study AreaEvidence suggests that...

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