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Discussion Questions Following The Mock Trial Assignment

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Assignment- Law
Objective: Students will analyze what they learned from taking part in a mock trial.
1. Who is the most important person in the courtroom? Why?
I think the most important person in the courtroom is the judge. The judge has the ultimate decision to impose the accused of the men’s and actus rues. In our case the judge decided to accuse Jessie for the possession of the substance (marijuana) which is under the controlled drugs and substance act as she smoked a joint that Red gave to her.
2. Describe the strategies (plans of action) used by each legal Team.
The two legal teams that took part in this case were the Defense Team which was by the side of the accused and the Crown attorney which was against the side of the accused. The Defense team and the Crown Attorney used different straggles to argue by bringing up different witnesses to question. Their main points consisted of argument which was that Casey Abraham was a friend of Jessie who had possession of substance had charges dropped. Furthermore, they argued that Jessie was an A+ student, never committed a crime and it was her first time possession of marijuana. Therefore her charges should be dropped. The crown attorney on the other hand argued that all the students had the possession of the dug included Jessie. Therefore she committed a crime even though they did not force her to take the drugs.
3. Do you think that justice was achieved in this case? Why?
I think that justice was achieved in this case because Jessie had committed actus rues and men’s reus. Before the drug deal had occurred she took a drag at the marijuana when Red handed her the drug even though she could have said no and just leave them alone. In the trafficking of the drug she even accused Red of involving her in something that she wanted no part in and Red did the trafficking of the drugs. Therefore justice was achieved in this case.
4. Is there other evidence that would have been useful for the Lawyers to present? What would it have been and how would It have been useful?
There were many other substantial evidence that could have been useful for the Lawyers to present at this case. Some of the useful evidence are the map of the Melrose Park and the photograph of ecstasy and marijuana found in the backpack. The Map of the Melrose Park is crucial because it tells us where the drug deal is happening as provided by the police officer. The photograph of ecstasy and marijuana in the backpack proved that the teenagers had possession of the substance and did trafficking of the substance with other people. Other evidence that could have been useful to this case would be a video tape or some sort of image of the students that a police officer could have taken to prove that the teenagers had actually possession of the drugs.
5. Are there other questions you would have asked the witnesses who testified? What other question (questions) would you have asked the witnesses who testified?
Yes, there are other...

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