Discussions, And Genres, And Friends, Oh My!

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The bus is filled with children ranging from grades six to twelve. There is chatter surrounding me. People are discussing their hobbies, homework, and weekend plans. Imagine a girl squeezing through the aisle, while getting pushed to the left and to the right. She takes a seat and looks over her shoulder. There are three more students lounging next to her. One is blasting his music.Another is talking on her cell phone. The third person is shouting to his friend across the bus. As she hangs off her seat, she ponders about how convenient it would be to have an after school club. An after school activity that everyone would appreciate would be a book club because members can discuss the books, find unfamiliar genres to read, and establish new friendships.
A countless amount of students would stay after school to participate in a book club. In this club, everyone sits in a circle to talk about reading and literature. The attendees could discuss ...view middle of the document...

The club members could discuss their favorite genres like non-fiction, mystery, or adventure. If you have a passion with quotes, there could be a discussion about interpreting the different quotes in the book. Another interesting discussion could be about a book’s plot, characters, theme, etc. Because everyone has different opinions, a discussion could be created about what people thought of the book and its genre. All the different discussions make a book club complete.
Club members could look into new books and genres that they never have read before. Most people have their favorite genre that they only read books from. There are some genres that you may not know that you could get to read about! By reading books from different genres, they have a chance to reach out and discover something new. People who tend to read sci-fi could read romantic books, or people who enjoy reading non-fiction could try fantasy. Some people just stick to a couple of book series to read, and they don’t read any other books. Well, now they have the opportunity to read new books and expand your own library. Books and the different genres are all part of a book club.
Students could make new friendships and get to know their classmates. In a book club, you talk about your book interests with others. Usually, you find some common interests with other people. Then, you talk to them more and establish a new friendship together. Sometimes, people make friends without having the same interests. Having friends can help you in life if you ever need someone for help. Friendship is a major aspect of a book club.
Because of its discussions, its variety of books and genres, and the friendships it creates, a book club would be an after school activity for all to enjoy. Now imagine a student dashing down the stairs and through the front lobby. After waving to the office ladies, she scrambles onto the bus and throws herself down in a seat. She catches sight of a few vacant seats as she looks around. No more packing kids in like sardines. No more loud shouts and conversations from kids from across the bus. No more hanging off the seat into the aisle. No more kicking seats. Just peace and quiet. This is what the bus would be like if our school had a book club after school.

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