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Diseases In Australia: Skin Cancer And Diabetis

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This work will look at two health issues in Australia, which are: skin cancer, diabetes and polio as a global disease. These issues will be related to the health promotion and public health, provided relevant information, responses and history of a given diseases.
This work looks at skin cancer as a health promotion initiative. Health promotion is a process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health and quality of life (World Health Organisation 2014). It has a lot to do with supporting the autonomy of individuals.
Diabetes and Polio will fit with public health. Public health aimed to protect and improve health of all people through education, promote healthy ...view middle of the document...

Anyone can get basal or squamous cell skin cancer, but are most frequently found in people who:
- A lot of time sunbathing or initially have dark skin;
- Have light skin tone, hair and eyes;
- Have a family member who has squamous cell skin cancer or basal cell carcinoma;
- Over 50 years old (Shao 2012, p. 162).
When person sees any suspicious skin spots or modifications, he should immediately consult a doctor. Squamous cell skin cancer is very dangerous, and treatment is better to start early. Otherwise cancer cells can spread to other tissues and organs (Makin et al. 2012, p. 155).
As was mentioned before Australia has the highest skin cancer mortality and incidence rates in the world and it is extremely important to raise awareness of skin cancer prevention among the population. To address this problem, since 1980 Australians have been exposed to media campaign in order to prevent skin cancer (Sinclair & Foley 2009, p. 117). Everything began with state-based campaign and slogans‘Slip! (slip on a shirt), Slop! (slop on some sunscreen), Slap! (slap on a hat) (Sinclair & Foley 2009, p. 117).
As a gradual transformation and development of the cancer-related objectives and endorsed methods of the program proceeded, it progressed with the prop of government funding under the name SunSmart (Sinclair & Foley 2009, p. 117). Announced objectives of the program are dealing with individual health care issues and related precautionary measures concerning skin cancer risks in exposing oneself to sun, while meeting community requirements in educating and protecting society mostly by behavior change of the population. Behavior change of the individual towards its own sun exposure and following risks assumed to onset and nourished in a protective environment of the community, which includes policies, infrastructure and similar protection mechanisms (Sinclair & Foley 2009, p. 118).
SunSmart program, for instance, obliged children in over 84 % of all primary schools falling within the Victoria state jurisdiction to wear hats outdoor during time span of maximum ultraviolet level, more specifically on the school territory, which must be provided with a shade structures in accordance with the policy (Shao 2012, p. 163).
Promotion of the SunSmart program is conducted through mass media, interventions, leisure events and control of community facilities, ensuring protection from excessive UVR (ultraviolet radiation) (Sinclair & Foley 2009, p. 118). Such program reveals the effectiveness of social marketing methods by considering changes in skin cancer awareness and rates within applicable population, which normally entails financial gain for the government.
This is health promotion initiative, because SunSmart program not only enable people to improve their lifestyle by educating what is skin cancer and how to prevent it, trying to change stereotypes and beliefs like “tan is beautiful”, but also aimed to change social, political, environmental and...

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