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Disgusted Essay

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I was disgusted. Disgusted at everything. This world became too much, too much to handle. I had to break out of the chains and escape. Escape from what? Escape from the same mundane style of living every American lives. I sold my stereo and car for a one way ticket to New York. I hated people but at the same time they fascinated me. I believed that people were generally born greedy andFor a long time I had trouble accepting who I was. In my heart I knew who I was, but society told me I was someone else. I was uncomfortable with the person I was becoming. I tried to see myself in ten years but I couldn't see anything. I was scared because my future belonged to uncharted waters. My life was to become a path not many have followed.My plane arrived in New York around 3:00am. I stepped off the loading platform into another world. On the plane things were certain and guaranteed. I had my own place on the plane. If I needed to use the bathroom I had the luxury of knowing that it was right down the aisle. Off the plane nothing is guaranteed. I was thrown into a world where survival depended on the animal and the skills he possessed. I was still awake and buzzing from the cocktail drinks I chased down on the flight. The flight was long and my legs were cramped. It felt good to walk. I made my way from the gate to the baggage claim without a hassle. I waited with the other passengers for the light to flash and the bell to ring so we could get our suitcases and get away. While I waited for my bag I watched with delight as a small boy tried to get his families bag off the revolving platform. The bag was twice his size but he was determined to prove his worthiness to his parents. He needed to show that he is growing up and ready to take on new responsibilities.I lugged my bag out to the taxi pickup platform. A shiny yellow cab greeted me as I exited the airport. The driver gave me a smile and helped with my bag. People can be so good hearted when money is involved. The driver inquired for my destination but I was clueless as to where I would end up. After a few moments of thinking and silence I requested to be driven to a fairly cheap motel. I shot the breeze with the driver for a while, but he was no Einstein. I asked where he was from but he got a bit touchy about my question. Maybe he was oversensitive about race, as most people are. Or perhaps he is running from something, something in his past that he isn't ready to face. We drove by Central Park and I remember walking through there with my dad years earlier on a road trip. I was dropped off in front of a run down motel with a bright neon sign flashing vacancy.My eyes ached as I walked into the brightly-lit motel lobby. Invasive fluorescent lights had been scattered randomly among the ceiling. The warm air of the lobby was a welcome from the cold brutal outdoors. An elderly man sat in a corner dragging on a cigarette and staring into space. He sat with his cane in his hands and his feet crossed in front...

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