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Dishonesty Of Friar Lawrence In Rome And Juliet By William Shakespeare

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Alfred Tennyson
Alfred Tennyson was born on August 6, 1809 at Somersby, Lincolnshire, in England. He was the fourth born son of Reverend George Clayton Tennyson and Elisabeth Tennyson. His father had been virtually disowned by his grandfather in favor of a younger brother. Alfred Tennyson’s childhood was eclipsed by the family feud that followed. Tennyson began writing poetry at an early age. He was an average student who left college without a degree. He met Henry Hallam who became his best friend. In 1833, Hallum died at the age of twenty-two. In 1850, Tennyson published a critically acclaimed poem in tribute to Hallam. The poem was entitled, “In Memoriam A.H.H.” That same year, Tennyson ...view middle of the document...

Isolation defines Mariana’s existence. Mariana spends her entire life awaiting her lover. Her tears stream down with dewdrops in the evening. They then fall yet again in the morning, before the dew has subtly dispersed. When the bats arrive, she leaps to the window and gazes outward. She gazes at the land before her eyes. She comments that the “night is dreary” and reiterates her aspiration for death. Though the majority of Tennyson’s poems are in the form of a dramatic monologue, “Mariana” can be more appropriately categorized as a lyrical narrative. At the conclusion of every stanza, her hunger for a connection with the world around her leaves her longing for death. “Mariana” reads, “She only said, "My life is dreary, / He cometh not," she said; / She said, "I am aweary, aweary; / I would that I were dead!" (9-12). The obvious rhyme scheme of “Mariana” is abab cddc efef. The middle quatrain returns in theme to the opening, in a recurring pattern, while the last quatrain's lines encompass the same words. Though “Mariana” appears to be riddled with anguish, she ultimately allows herself to end her story on her own terms (Boyd 580-586).
Critical reaction to “Mariana” was positive. Many comparisons have been made between “Mariana” and one of Tennyson’s other poems, “The Lady of Shalott.”...

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1037 words - 4 pages his fear of sin. He set the wheel of catastrophe in motion, mixed in a little rashness and hastiness and topped it of with a few bad decisions.  In trying to please everyone, he pleased no one. “They stumble who run fast” (2.3.101); it is odd how someone could not apply his own wisdom to his own actions. "Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied" (2.3.17). Friar Laurence's own advice would suit him best and God help the rest.    Works Cited  Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet.  New York: University Press, 1992.

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