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Dislocation Of The Knee Essay

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Sports Medicine Dislocation of the Knee Joint In the event of a dislocated, the bones in the knee are displaced. When they are displaced they do not fit together correctly. There are many ways you can dislocate your knee some or which are Twisting the body while the feet are fixed, squatting rapidly with a lot of force, hitting the knee hard (front or back), or hyper extending the leg past its normal range of motion. Some of the symptoms of a dislocated knee are pain immediately after injury, the inability to bend the knee properly, and rapid swelling of knee joint.Remember after you show any of the symptoms you kneed to see a doctor immediately, because a dislocation of the knee (stays out of joint) requires urgent treatment to avoid permanent damage to the nerves and blood vessels. The doctor will know how to set it with as little damage as possible. In order to diagnose a dislocated knee, the doctor will review your cause of injury and symptoms. It is painful but the doctor will try to manipulate the knee joint back into its correct position. This is done more easily soon after injury. If there has been a delay in getting medical attention, the doctor may give you anesthesia before moving your knee back in place because of pain and muscle spasms. They way they put the patella back in to place is the doctor tells you to relax you quad muscles by flexing the hip and extending the knee. Then he simply lifts the patient's heel slowly off the examining table often this trick works. If it doesn't, then they will add direct medial pressure to the dislocated patella until it moves into place. After it is back in its place the doctor will usually...

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