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Dismal City P.D.'s Command To "Do More With Less." There Are Many Problems Going On In The Dismal City Police Department Considering The Demographics, Lack Of Staff, And Lack Of Funds.

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Dismal City P.D.'s Command to "Do More With Less."March 16, 2005 CJA/450Dismal City P.D.'s Command to "Do More With Less."There are many problems going on in the Dismal City Police Department considering the demographics, lack of staff, and lack of funds. It is clear that without more funds, major changes will be necessary in order to reverse the current situation. A positive reason for implementing major change is that by convincing citizens that their police force works for them and is a friendly entity, more funding might become available through bond initiatives in the future. This is where community policing comes in. Through the use of community policing the city may alter the performance and perception of its police department.Community policing can make or break certain demographic areas, including the Dismal City Police Department. It most certainly is one of the easiest ways a city can attempt to fight crime in any city, but if there must be other changes that occur before a police department can attempt this drastic change. Drastic is a very powerful word, but it is a necessity when discussing police departments who have always worked one way, and are now going to attempt to work another. It is obvious in this case that there has been a negative impact between the police and minority community, which means there will definitely be a need for a drastic change.Community policing can defeat the demographic woes of some areas, but the financial woes are another story. The financial outcome truly depends on the current status of the department and its ability to conform to a community organization. The costs could be considerably less than the normal operating costs of the current structure if the officers conform easily, but could go just the opposite if there are those on the force who resist this change. Aside from the involvement of the personnel on the force, to lessen the woes of a financial burden of changing, recruitment and advertising must also have a positive effect on the community.Community policing can help the Dismal City Police Department if the department is not resistant to the changes required to benefit from community policing. For a department that has never depended on the community to help perform its job, it can be a tough change. The department will have to contend with senior officers who believe that there should be a line between the community and the police, believing that the police are warriors, instead of civil servants. Another drastic change would be recruitment through a forced retirement program, enforced via positive advertising. It is a necessary for the police to be a ubiquitous force who blend in with their surroundings and not stand out. Community policing can help do this if the police are staffed with members that help them blend in with the minority population.Just as there are those who will be happy with the changes the community policing vision brings, there are those who will stress some...

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