Disney's Global Struggles Essay

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The Walt Disney Organization has many different business units. For example the company produces movies, television shows, a television network and music. It also has merchandise to support the movies, music, and tv shows. Another entertainment sector of the business is the cruise lines, adventure travel and amusement parks. The amusement parks are located in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and two locations in the United States, Florida and California. We will discuss the park history and some of the challenges and accomplishments that Disney has faced expanding its parks globally.
The Walt Disney Company was launched into popularity with a little mouse called Mickey in the first fully sound synchronized cartoon called Steamboat Willy in 1928 (The Walt Disney Comany and Affliated Companies, 2011). Next came merchandise, animated and live action feature films, television shows and theme parks.
With the success of the production side of the company, Walt Disney was interested in finding something new. He focused on a place that parents and children could enjoy the entertainment together. Disneyland, the company’s first amusement park opened its doors in 1955 in Anaheim California, with Walt Disney welcoming everyone with the phrase “To all who enter this happy place, welcome”. It is indeed was a very happy, a very popular and profitable place. The park’s four hundred acres allowed visitors to fly with Peter Pan and experience the animated characters face to face (The Walt Disney Comany and Affliated Companies, 2011). Some of the limitations that the California Park encountered was space. The city of Anaheim had grown around the park and there was little space for expansion. They did eventually take a large portion of surface parking and add a second theme park California Adventure, Downtown Disney, the Disneyland Hotel and The Grand Californian which is part of Disney’s vacation club, a timeshare community. Other than those accommodations lodging revenue was lost to independent hotels and motels in the area that accommodated millions of visitors each year.
The second amusement park location was Florida. They purchased28,000 acres of land, enough for plenty of park expansion, shopping and lodging (The Walt Disney Comany and Affliated Companies, 2011). The park opened in 1971 with the flagship Magic Kingdom Park. In 1982 they added the futuristic park called the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or EPCOT (The Walt Disney Comany and Affliated Companies, 2011). In more recent years the Florida park have added MGM Studios (now known as Hollywood Studios since the separation from MGM and Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney and two water parks. Walt Disney and the company had learned the lesson from California about space and in Florida they still have plenty to expand and they have dozens of hotels to host thousands of visitors. This became a destination vacation where families from all over the world came, stayed and...

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