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Amusement parks are one of the top forms of entertainment in the United States of America. Over time, amusement parks have grown and developed into larger theme parks. Amusement parks are a natural part of the American culture. The range of emotion that people feel while visiting these parks help the parks retain their fame.

The original Amusement park was created in Coney island, New York around the beginning of the 20th century. “In an area only 12 blocks wide and two blocks deep,” (Amusement Parks 1) there were tons of amusement stands, shows, mechanical rides, restaurants, and food counters. Coney Island, in particular, also had a few immoral characteristics. West Brighton was known ...view middle of the document...

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Roller coasters are a great way to get your heart racing, stomach churning, and adrenaline pumping. Maybe that's why roller-coasters are so popular. The engineers behind roller coasters obtain a lot of knowledge on the human body and motion. Riders tend to be thrilled by two counter opposite feelings, one being the feeling of waying a whole lot and the other of weighing absolutely nothing. Engineers use this information to design roller coasters to give riders as much thrill as possible. ¨Deep inside your ear is a tiny system that controls your balance. One part tells you which way is up, another part helps you keep your balance when you are moving."(LeTourneau Pg 1).

An increase in the pressure from gravity, makes you feel like you weigh a lot. That happens at the bottom of a roller coaster. The natural pull of gravity on Earth is 1 G, the measure of the force of gravity. ¨Astronauts blasting off into space shuttle feel 3 Gs. Some roller coasters put their riders through 4 Gs for a second or two.¨(LeTourneau pg 2). The flow of blood from your heart decreases as the pull of gravity increases. This can make your heart skip a beat. 16 years ago, 9200 patrons were sent to the hospital due to thrill rides! Patrons who look for a rush in adrenaline cannot be stopped from going to amusement parks even after learning of the dangers of thrill rides. (LeTourneau)
Some amusement parks have also been responsible for fatalities. There were 29 roller coaster fatalities reported in over a ten year time frame, seven of these were due to heart attacks. According to Dr. Sydney Spiesel, who did a study on roller coaster riders in Germany, peoples heart rate increases the greatest amount when a roller coaster rises and not when the roller coaster is actually dropping. Peaks in the heart rate occur when the rider is being dropped and twirled. ¨For most of us… it probably is safe...if people have known heart problems, it might be pretty reasonable to talk to their cardiologist about whether this is a good idea or not," says Dr. Spiesel on whether...

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