Disneyland In Hong Kong Good Or Bad?

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Disneyland in Hong Kong- Good or Bad? The aim of this essay is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages in having Disneyland coming into Hong Kong. Disneyland is a famous theme part, with outlets all around the world, including Japan, America and France. And now, Disney decided that the next theme part it is going to locate itself is Hong Kong- is how beneficial will it be to Hong Kong? The diagram on the left shows the proposed location of Disney land in Hong Kong. It will be situated at the west of Hong Kong island, in Penny?s Bay. Land reclamation will be used if extra land is needed for Disney to expand in the future.Environmentalists and Economists alike have been arguing for and against the case of Disney, each proposing different ideas and points in whether Disney will benefit Hong Kong. After 9 months of detailed negotiations, which reflects the amount of thought put into Disney, the Chinese government, on 2nd of November 1999, announced that the final conclusion is that Disneyland will be coming to Hong Kong. Both sides agreed that the government held 57% of the shares of the company while the remaining 43% were left in the hands of the Disney Corporation.To further analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Disneyland in Hong Kong, this essay will be separated into three parts: ? Social Benefits to Hong Kong ? Social Costs to Hong Kong ? Final conclusion We do not include the private costs and private benefits as we are naturally not interested in it- the main focus of this essay is the benefits and costs for Hong Kong, not Disney. Thus Disney?s concerns will differ from ours.Method Primary and Secondary data will be collected to fully analyze the pros and cons for Disneyland. Primary data will include questionnaires, interviews on people?s opinions with the coming of Disneyland. These will give the public opinion about Disney. Secondary research will include things such as webpages, newspaper cuttings, videos of important spokesman, etc, which will provide the source of evidence. It is with these two data combined that there can be a final conclusion on the coming of disney.The Social Benefit of Disney- How will Hong Kong, as an economy, gain from Disney? Predictions have been made on what the exact value Disney will bring to Hong Kong. It is estimated that in the time of 40 years after its completion, the world-class theme park will have the potential to provide Hong Kong with a net economic benefit (in terms of additional value added or income over cost) of up to $148 Billion. These benefits will come under two categories: ? Private benefits (benefits to individuals, firms, or organisations) ? External benefits (benefits to the general public) However, this expected value of $148 Billion Hong Kong dollars is based upon many assumptions including that: ? Disney will be completed in 2005 ? The theme part is able to generate $5.2 million Hong Kong in its first year of opening.? A total of $10 million within 15 years.Of course, these...

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