Disorder And Hatred In Romeo And Juliet

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Disorder and hatred are negative yet important themes in the play of Romeo and Juliet. For example, the hatred between the two feuding families and disorder that occurs which leads to tragedy. The consequences of these actions both lead to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.Hatred is a main factor between the Montagues and the Capulets. It threathens to destroy the social stability of Verona.Hate between the Montagues and the Capulets is an obstacle which Romeo and Juliet have to overcome. The hatred between their families make it hard for them to show their love for one another.Not only does hate occur between the families, but with Romeo himself. Romeo was mad at himself after he killed Juliet's cousin, Tybalt. He got banished and called himself "˜fortune's fool'. "O, I am fortune's fool!" (Act 3, Scene One Line 132) However, his hate for himself did not last for long. After he spent the night with Juliet he was very happy that he forgot about what he had done. His hatred for himself was not a main effect, but his actions led to disorder.The consequences of hatred obviously led to death, especially those of Romeo and Juliet's. If the Montagues and the Capulet's didn't hate each other with a passion in the first place, then Romeo and Juliet wouldn't be so secretive about their love for one another and hate wouldn't have been a factor that tore them apart. As a result of their deaths, the two star-crossed lovers express that love is much stronger than hate.Disorder is the main point leading to tragedy. Romeo and Juliet made several plans which they thought would let them escape from all of their problems. Due to disorder, their plans didn't work as they thought it would. One example of disorder which occurs in the play is when Romeo was supposed to receive a note from Friar Lawrence. It was the letter which explains the plan about the potion Juliet was to take. This note was to inform Romeo that Juliet had taken the potion to fake her...

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