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Until the year 1500 when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean it was universally believed that the world was flat. Presently in the United States it is a common belief that dairy is a necessary food group for adults. Many people argue that dairy is beneficial for a person’s health. My Plate, a recommended daily food intake created by the United States Department of Agriculture, has 5 food suggested food groups; fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy. The recommended intake for the average adult is 3 cups of dairy per day. The USDA also states “consuming dairy products provides health benefits” such as improved bone health, lower blood pressure in adults, and a reduced risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and type two diabetes (What is Dairy). Historically, the greatest myths are universally believed and the hardest to disprove. While dairy consumption can benefit a person’s health in some ways, the potential drawbacks are much greater. After examining the dependence of the United States government on the dairy industry, the effects of dairy intake and scientific testing, and the inadequate standards on cow farms it will be easy to see that dairy is not a necessary food group for adults.
After the Great Depression, the price of milk in New York City dropped so drastically that the dairy farmers were being paid less money for the milk than they had spent producing it. Because of the extremely low prices of milk and lack of income, the farmers formed the Dairy Farmers Union and went on strike in 1939. The Dairy Farmers Union ‘blocked roads and halted market-bound trucks’, they ‘confiscated milk and spilled it out on the roadsides’, some even ‘threw bottles of kerosene on trucks that did not stop’ (ProCon).
Two years later, on May 6, 1935, in an attempt to bring the United States out of the great depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated the formation of the Works Progress Administration, which focused on providing work for artists, educators, writers, and musicians; at it’s height over 3 million people were employed. These people were paid by the government to design advertisements and create an increased demand for milk; which technically meant that the government was paying to advertise dairy. The government was happy to pay for these dairy advertisements because after a period of economic struggle, the dairy industry created jobs for many people, not just farmers, and in turn brought money into the economy. Today, the dairy industry continues to use countless advertisements that successfully earn them heaps of money (ProCon).
The dairy industry also continues to provide many jobs. In California alone, 400,000 people are currently employed in the dairy industry. There are currently 60,000 dairy farms across the United States and 21 billion gallons of milk are produced each year (Dairy Facts). In an overview about dairy, the USDA reports that “the farm value of milk production is second only to beef among livestock...

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