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Displacement Of Jews During The Holocaust (Bibliography Included)

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The Holocaust, which took place during World War II, was the state sponsored killing of six million Jews by the Nazi regime. The Holocaust claimed the lives of about six million Jewish people - men and woman, boys and girls, young and old. As soon as Adolf Hitler took power in 1933, the German government passed laws to remove Jewish people's rights as citizens. To differentiate between Jews and non-Jews, the Nazis made the Jews wear Star of David bands on their coat sleeves. Hitler blamed the Jews for all the problems that Germany had at the time, such as unemployment, poverty, and starvation. Hitler hoped to bring an end to the Jewish population. During the Holocaust, Life as a jew was extremely difficult in that they went into hiding, they were forced to live in ghettos, and they were sent to concentration camps.There were about two million Jewish children, ranging from infants to teens, living in Europe at the start of World War II. Of these, only about eleven percent survived the war. Many parents chose to hide their children in order to save them. Hiding a child was much less difficult than hiding an adult. Unlike adults, children were not required to carry any forms of identification so they could easily blend in with the groups of non-Jewish children who became orphans of war. Hiding places for Jewish children included convents, boarding schools, and orphanages. These places were often located far from the children's homes. Being sent to these hiding places was a terrifying experience for children. They were made to travel under mysterious conditions to unknown destinations. However, they were aware that they were in danger, and going away would save their lives. Those who were most visible had to give up their Jewish identities by changing their names. They converted to Christianity to avoid being discovered by the Nazis. They had to be very careful in their everyday lives. They could not speak of their past and their families. A big worry among hidden children was that their families would not survive the war. Even if they did survive, they might not be able to find and reunite with their children. Since many children were taken in by complete strangers, it was very possible that the children would never see their parents again.The Jews were forced by law to live in specific zones within the cities, called ghettos. The conditions of the Nazi created ghettos were horrible and unhealthy. They were usually cramped, dirty, and with little food. There were many ghettos throughout Europe during the Holocaust period. A death penalty was enforced on any Jew caught trying to escape the ghetto, or any non-Jew who tried to help a Jew in any way. The Nazis made the living conditions in the ghettos as terrible as possible. There were curfews, and guards were put on duty at all times near the walls to make sure no Jews escaped from the ghetto. Many Jews suffered from unemployment and diseases. A typhus epidemic, which killed many Jews, broke out about...

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