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Sporting Evolution Essay

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Sports can be traced back as far as 1871 when baseball was first played. Between then and now, sports entertainment has had a deep impact on our society. The outcome of particular games and performances by specific players has evolved sports entertainment into a multibillion-dollar industry. Sports have influenced several cultures to come together and support local communities. What one explanation can we credit for this evolution in sports entertainment? We have the subculture of supporting sports fans that contribute their hard earned income into the leading source of entertainment in the world today.This subculture exists worldwide and unites cities, states, and at times countries, to compete against rival competition. Sports can be credited for benefiting several aspects of evolution in the economy, in society, and in given communities. Millions, upon billions of revenue is generated, via consumers, to keep this high level of entertainment largely successful. Sporting fans contribute their income into these franchises through forms of advertising copyrighted logos of their favorite team, through purchasing season tickets/parking, through broadcasting, through taxes, and other sources.This subculture is easily identified through supporting clothing attire or through speech. Fans will voice their opinion about the game they saw last night on TV, will argue that a particular athlete is making too much money for performance worth, or will comment on how a specific squad can improve their play. Sports has given society something to pride and value. It brings cultures together by being able to link a similar trade that most every background has an interest for. Fans want to be identified as supporters within their background. Whether or not you pinpoint a favorite organization, exposing your endorsement tells society of your contribution. More specifically, by choosing a particular franchise to support, it tells society that you are a fan and when they are successful, you are in high spirits but when they lose you are despondent. The degree of these emotions depend highly on your commitment and loyalty to the sports organization (team). Having a franchise to support also invites conversation and could lead to healthy, cutthroat debate and unity. Granted that this subculture is large in proportion to other smaller impact subcultures, its roots have evolved an industry that is seemingly impossible not to cross or opinionate on in today's society.Historically, competitive sports started hundreds of years ago when the first pitch was thrown in baseball in the year 1871. Quickly this source of entertainment caught on in society and was built into the machine that we see today with participants landing up to a quarter billion dollars to participate in. Supporting fans mold these participants into their fame, in correspondent to their performance within. Its argued in present times that athletes make entirely too much money. The bright side to this...

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